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10 Gb/s optical interconnection on flexible optical waveguide in electronic printed circuit board
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In this paper, we proposed 10 Gb/s transmission using 4-channel polymer waveguides on the optical electronic printed circuit board. It was simulated by the ray tracing method for tolerance study of optical interconnection and fabrication. In order for easy fabrication and International Journal of Infrared and Millimeter Waves,

A flexible S-matrix algorithm for the design of folded waveguide filters
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Based on a versatile S-matrix formulation, a flexible design concept for folded waveguide filters is presented. Even-and odd-order filters can be designed with transmission zeros placed arbitrarily. Different configurations are shown to achieve responses, which satisfy a

High-Transmission-Efficiency 120Photonic Crystal Waveguide Bend by Using Flexible Structural Defects
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We numerically studied a high-output-transmission-efficiency low-reflection-loss 120 photonic crystal (PhC) waveguide bend based on a PhC slab with triangular-lattice air holes. The desired high output transmission efficiency was achieved by introducing flexible

A Flexible Design of Waveguide Intersections with Low Cross-Talk in Hexagonal Photonic Crystal Structures
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design for constructing adjustable waveguide intersections in rode-type photonic crystal of hexagonal lattice is proposed. The design utilizes the strong dependence of the defect coupling on the cavities field pattern and their alignments. By changing the radii of the

A flexible CIET analysis for the design of on-axis circular waveguide components
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A flexible and efficient yet accurate coupled-integral-equations technique (CIET) for the design of on-axis circular waveguide components is presented. The analysis process features on-off switchable edge conditions, sparse-matrix formulation and selections of

Simple Configurations For Highly Flexible Waveguide Filter Designs
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Page 1. International Workshop on Microwave Filters ESA CNES September 2004 TM 110 -MODE RESONATORS: Simple Configurations For Highly Flexible Waveguide Filter Designs Jens Bornemann Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering University of Victoria, Victoria

Efficient Analysis and Flexible Design of 1D Leaky-Wave Antennas composed by a Parallel-Plate Waveguide loaded with two Metallodielectric FSS
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2D Fabry-Perot Leaky-Wave Antennas (FPLWA) have been attracting much interest in the last years . These antennas offer a simple solution to achieve highly directive patterns from a single point source by using Partially Reflective Surfaces (PRS). FPLWA are normally In this work, a coplanar waveguide employing chemically modified graphene was fabricated on a polyethylene terephthalate (PET) substrate and its RF loss characteristics were investigated. According to the results, the coplanar waveguide showed much lower loss A three-channel optical d multiplexer has been developed. A flexible replica grating, an embedded optica! waveguide , and an uneven fiber space array were used to assemble the demultiplexer. The flexible replica grating showed good demultiplexing characteristics. The