fly by light technology

Fly-by-Light is a technology that might be the answer for future aircraft development. FBL technology is not a new thing but the research is slowly progress as it still being tested and research since the 90’s. Although FBL might not be implemented in near future but the concept have been use in today’s inflight entertainment system which utilized fibre optic cable to cater all passenger’s preference

Evolution of aircraft flight control system and fly – by – light flight control system
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In past, the aircraft control systems were based on conventional methods of mechanical and hydro-mechanical system. The present generation aircraft are using fly – by -wire (FBW) and in future likely to migrate to fly – by – light (FBL) method for aircraft control system. Mechanical UNDER the title of Forest Species and Timbers of the Congo the Institut National pour lEtude Agronomique du Congo Belge is publishing a monograph of which the first part has now appeared*. This part, which is an introduction to a study of the botanic and forest

Light dependence of oxidative metabolism in fly compound eyes studied in vivo by microspectrofluorometry
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Arthropod photoreceptors depend on oxidative metabolism for maintenance of the resting potential (horseshoe crab , bee , fruitfly ) and sensitivity to light (owlfly , locust ). In respiration measurements on isolated retinae (bee [5, 6], blowfly [5, 7, 8]) it was

Design of a primary fly – by – light control system
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The FBL flight control system consists of a fully digital signal processing computer (COS) connected by optical datal inks to one tandem actuator in each axis. The pilots stick position inceptors are linked to the COS to generate position comands for the smart actuators. This quadruplex core Page 1. Computer Science and Communications Dictionary Print ISBN: 0-7923-8425-3 Electronic ISBN: 1-4020-0613-6 Please see the fulltext HTML for the contents of the Computer Science and Communications Dictionary. Page 563 Page 2. Computer Science and

Particularities and development of fly – by -wire system for light helicopters. Ansat helicopter as an example
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In 1993 Kazan Helicopter Plant started designing a new helicopter with takeoff weight of 3.3 tons, which was called Ansat . While determining the helicopter configuration, it was required to choose a type of the flight control system; and initially a traditional, for that time