general purpose pcb

printed circuit board

PCBs are lifeline of Electronic circuits as they provide a platform to support and also provide electrical connection between Electronic components mechanically. The Electronic components usually are soldered on the PCB and electrically connected to other elements using copper tracks already etched on the PCB. Normally PCBs are custom-made for specific purpose and for specific electronic product. Hence they are expensive.

However among the many types of PCBs, General Purpose PCB is one. This type of PCB is used by both Electronics Hobbyists as well as professionals who develop new electronic products. General Purpose PCBs are low cost compared to custom made PCBs. Whether it is a DIY project or a school project prototyping of a new electronic product General Purpose PCB finds use in it

A printed circuit board (PCB) is a board made for connecting electronic components together. The board is made up of material that does not conduct electricity, usually fiberglass. Normally copper is etched (set in thin lines) inside the board between the layers of fiberglass, or on the surface of the board. Electronic components are then attached to this board using a metal to conduct electricity. The metal etched into the board allows electricity to travel from one component to another in electrical circuits.

Breadboard is one of the important tools used by both learners of electronics and also professionals who are developing new products. It is a construction base for prototyping of electronics. To know more about our product please click the following link

General Purpose PCB
These boards are used by both electronics hobbyists and also for professionals who are developing new products and experimenting with design and circuits. These boards are low cost and any circuit design can be implemented easily. They are great aid for those who are learning electronics and those who pursue electronics as a hobby

There is one more type oayf PCB called zero PCB. These boards are also used by both electronic hobbyists as well as professionals who are developing new products. Now let us understand the difference between the General purpose PCBs and zero PCB

Zero PCB

Zero PCB is also known as perfboard or veroboard. These have holes for placing the components and manual soldering is done for creating the circuit traces. But in case of General Purpose PCBs, they are already printed boards, the circuit traces are prepared using chemicals and just a small soldering is required to place just the components on the desired places. General Purpose PCBs are comparatively costlier than zero PCB