GPS location through an IMEI number

Locate your lost phone with an IMEI tracker App There are many phone finder apps available for you on Google Play,

GPS and GPRS Based Cost Effective Human Tracking System Using Mobile Phones
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Phone whose responsibility is to track the GPS location and send it to a remote location by creating a GPRS packet. As unique identifier we have used mobiles Irnational Mobile Equipment Identity ( IMEI ) number which will be sent along with the coordinates

A new mobile-based multi-factor authentication scheme using pre-shared number , GPS location and time stamp
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IMSI numbers as the seed to generate the OTP. However, IMEI number is not very secure as it is known to the mobile service provider; also IMSI is a cellular network identifier which makes the method not valid worldwide. Also their mechanism does not incorporate GPS location

Cost effective GPS -GPRS based object tracking system
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After successful connection, the GPS data with IMEI number is sent to the server as a string. Then after a certain time period it checks the availability of GPRS and connects to the HTTP server. The current location of the device is sent

Study of various location tracking techniques for centralized location , monitoring control system
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StarBox transmits short messages containing its GPS coordinates to the server at 30-s intervals to the server to determine the expected arrival time of buses at their locations . Although transmitting the Geo location information of a target via wireless networks is effective when

GPS , GPRS, GIS FOR Tracking System.
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This data consists of IMEI number of the device, Latitude, Longitude. IMEI number is used to authenticate the device The GPS location of the center of the circle and the radius define a Geo-fence. A Route comprises of two or more Locations described above

Vulnerability detection of international mobile equipment identity number of smartphone and automated reporting of changed IMEI number
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known as the cell . For Uninterrupted operation, database like visitor or home location register store Centralized database at each GSM operator having mapped IMEI number and GPS Id in its the phone with new SIM number then he can be easily traced and located with help

Vehicle Tracking and Feedback System using GPS Technology
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Abstract: Today almost everywhere car theft abounds and for this reason it is necessary to know at any time where ones vehicle is located and in what condition The GPS receiver interacts with the satellite in space and receives data ie location information in the form of The GPS location requested is represented as a latitude-longitude coordinate. When the user done typing, the activity of closing the soft keyboard will act as a trigger to send the GPS coordinate to a remote It also send the IMEI and phone number of the device, for identification

Using mobiles for on campus location tracking
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real-time data have also been proposed . However, for indoors and closed environments GPS systems fall The pre- stored physical location of this AP is then looked up and sent to the The user John (0502255765) was last located in the 2nd floor of the library, east wing at 12

GPS Based Bus Tracking Android Application
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Bus Tracking: We can track the location of Bus using Android Phones GPS device. The Bus and the phone is mapped using IMEI number . Bus Speed Monitoring: We can also find the speed of the vehicle and if driver breaks the speed rule then we can find them accordingly

Bicycle route choice data collection using GPS -enabled smartphones
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In beta testing of the app, accuracy is usually sufficient in most Bay Area locations to identify the two cases repeatedly caused GPS problems: (1) at the start of a trip, the GPS receiver The phone attempts to place the location anyway, resulting in a noisy start to many trips

Mobile Clients Access Mechanism for Location based Service using Cell-ID
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about our proposed work in which we have used Cell-ID based system . GPS based systems Hence, the MS is assumed to be located at the BTS coordinates independently of its We can add the necessary information that is Location information, Device information and User

Location -based content protection
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time 302 be generated from external sources (such as a GPS unit), or accept only certified user apparatus and application data, so that fraudulent location /content combinations and mobile operators also make arrangements to have IMEI verification of user locations

Development of a Cheap Mobile-Object Tracking System using GPS /GPRS System
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Briefly, the positional data qfthe object was first read from GPS system ( located in tracking device cost (both for device and service) is realized by using single module (GSM/ GPS /GPRS) together with The CMOTS working principle is that the vehicle location to install the device In this proposed application, the location of the user is tracked using Global Positioning System( GPS ). The main functionality of this technology is to provide location informationUsing a mobile application, we are broadcasting the users locations to preferred contacts selected

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Because based on the IMEI number only we can know the details of this user 8 some portion of j2me code to obtain the present location of the device After sending the GPS locations to the server then the user navigates to another page this page contains 3 options attendance that provides LBS ( Location -Based Service) components for retrieving information about where a mobile device is located , a system that retrieves the location of lost In order to track mobile device in indoor areas, cell identifier of GSM network is applied, instead of GPS

Camera and voice control based location services and information security on android
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Offline location tracking will detect location using the signal it will able to receive from number of satellites GPS able to discover, detect and connect to it at Location updates give user location of device. This series of locations will create one path or place of frequent visiting place On the mobile phone that receives the GPs data, the user can monitor the location of other interface is designed to allow users to monitor the track maps or current locations of parties After the selection has been made, the GPs data from the mobile phones are encrypted using

Methods, systems and apparatus to generate market segmentation data with anonymous location data
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In some examples, the privacy manager 302 be located on, or otherwise be executed by the mobile device 10 such as within the segmentation The example GPS data analyzer 304 analyzes GPS location data points stored in the example location database 310

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    IMEI number se dusre mobile phone ka location check karna hai

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      There is no way to find location of a mobile phone from another mobile phone. mobile companies can find the location of mobile phone even gps sensor is off.