An infinite impulse response (IIR) filter is a digital filter that depends linearly on a finite number of input samples and a finite number of previous filter outputs. In other words, it combines a FIR filter with feedback from previous filter outputs.

Half-band IIR filter design using MATLAB
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Half-band filter play an important role in multirate digital signal processing. FIR half-band filters are easily designed to exhibit exactly linear phase, but IIR half-band filters provide higher computation speed at the cost of the phase nonlinearity. Hence, the advantage of IIR

IIR digital filter design research and simulation on MATLAB
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In modern communication systems, filtering is the most common and extremely important signal processing technology, it is an effective method of interference suppression, and the design of filter has become the core issues of the signal processing. Generally speaking

Detection of noise in high pass Butterworth IIR Filter using MATLAB
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The basic need for the filtering is to pass the desired frequencies and reject others. There is a lot of use of filtering in the digital signal processing areas of data communication, digital video, imaging and voice communication. The idea of this paper is to design the high pass

FPGA Implementation of IIR Filter after Checking Feasibility using Matlab Modelsim
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Digital Signal processing ranks among the most demanding applications of digital design concepts and practices. In general, it has a rich history, and its importance is evident in diverse fields as biomedical engineering, acoustics, Sonar. The importance of the digital

Study and performance analysis of IIR Filter for noise diminution in digital signal using MATLAB
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In area of Digital Signal Processing, the purpose of filters is to remove the selected range of signal such as noise or to extract meaningful data from the signal. A filter is a device which is designed to pass frequencies within a specific range while rejecting all other unwanted