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Sensor Guided Robotics.
Bluetooth Robotics.
Obstacle avoiding Robot.
Robotic Arm.
WiFi Controlled Robot.
Mobile Robotics.

Application of Robotics for Advancement in Agriculture using IoT
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The paper aims on the design, development and the manufacture of the robot which can put the seeds, burrow the soil, plough the land and cutting the waste plants. These entire systems of robot works with battery. In India almost about 70% of humans are relying on

IOT Based Human Search and Rescue Robot using Swarm Robotics .
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Natural calamities and disasters such as building collapse, post-tsunami, earthquakes are some of the most disastrous situation mankind faces and, in such situations, rescuing of survivors is the most critical job. This paper discusses the design and development of swarm

Implementation of Internet of things in a mobile Humanoid robot: A base for future of IOT enabled robotics applications
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Abstract Internet of Things ( IoT ) is the most growing and trending technology recently in the field of mechatronics engineering. Main reason behind the growth of this technology is that it can be implemented to almost everything and everywhere. Internet of things has pretty much

Synergy of IoT and AI in modern society: The robotics and automation case
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Abstract The Internet of Things ( IoT ) is a recent revolution of the Internet which is increasingly adopted with great success in business, industry, healthcare, economic, and other sectors of modern information society. In particular, IoT supported by artificial

IOT Meets Robotics -First Steps, RIOT Car, andPerspectives
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We present a cloud-enhanced, four-wheeled, mobile minirobot, assembled from low-cost, off- the-shelf hardware parts, and open-source software building blocks. These building blocks provide a reusable extensible base for emerging applications mixing robotics with the

Future directions: IoT , robotics and AI based applications
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The recent innovations in the information age, where data is considered the new oil, point toward rapid all pervasive developments in the Internet of Things ( IoT ), robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) based applications. Data science has evolved in the last few decades as a

Research toward IoT and Robotics in Intelligent Manufacturing: A Survey
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The Internet of Robotic Things is an emerging vision that brings together pervasive sensors and objects with robotic and autonomous systems. This survey examines how the merger of robotic and Internet of Things technologies will advance intelligent manufacturing, thus

Design and implementation of IoT -based intelligent surveillance robot
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Recently, the continually evolving robot technology has contributed to the development of a variety of robotusing service models. In particular, the robot with the artificial intelligence be utilized in various fields of the context awareness. Conventional CCTV is installed in

IoT based remote access human control robot using mems sensor
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Robots are playing a vital role in todays industrial automation and monitoring system. As technology developed these robots have increased their applications and functionality. Working robots will cooperate to the people makes the work more Effortless and

IOT controlled two wheel self supporting robot without external sensor
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An Two wheel self supporting robot is design using IOC (Internet-on-a-chip) controller. The DC motor is controlled by PWM technique. In the existing system the robot were designed using tilt sensor, IR sensor, Attitude sensor and moving robot in a straight line. We propose a

Remote Sensing IoT based Android Controlled Robot
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This project is to make a robot which will be helpful for mankind. This robot will collect data from remote place and able to send those data to a remote IoT cloud database. This robot will be controlled via android mobile phone. We can control the movement of the robot by

Two wheel self equilibrium swarm robot controlled by port forwarding methods using IoT
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Background/Objectives: This paper proposes a modified method to implement two wheel swarm robot control around anywhere using Internet-of things and also this paper is that we can control multiple robot simultaneously in different places using port forwarding concepts

Coal mine disaster management robot using IoT technology
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One of the current trends in technology is an IoT . IoT stands for Internet of Things. It is interpreted as the communication between devices using IP address. Usage of IoT technology in coal mines reduces the number of untoward incidents. Rescue operation in

Braininspired IoT Controlled Walking Robot Big-Foot
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This work presents the development of an original idea for a walking robot with a minimum number of motors, simple construction and a control system based on the brain bioelectrical activities. Described are geometric and kinematic dependencies related to the robot

Monitoring and controlling of fire fighthing robot using IOT
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The aim of this paper is to design a robot which acts as an extinguisher of fire. This proposed firefighting robot is expected to produce a small but very powerful and versatile robot . It detects fire in the disaster prone area. We design this project with the help of XLR8 board. It

Design of multi robot system using fuzzy based IoT
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To reduce the human work load condition and also to perform a task faster than a single robot , the internet of robotic things (IoRT) is used. The Internet of robotic things is the intelligent devices that support in monitoring events, and controlling objects in the physical

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The Purpose Of This Project Is To Control Robot With An Interface Board Of The Raspberry Pi, Sensors And Software To Full Fill Real Time Requirement. Controlling DC Motors, Different Sensors, Camera Interfacing With Raspberry Pi Using Gpio Pins. Live Streaming

New approach using an IoT robot to oversight the smart home environment
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Smart environment needs a lot of sensors in different places. The cost of these sensors is expensive, and to reduce this cost we proposed a mobile robot . This robot carries a range of different sensors that will sense the surrounding environment and send data to the objects in

IOT Based Surveillance Robot
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The main objective behind this paper is to develop a robot to perform the act of surveillance in domestic areas. Nowadays robot plays a vital role in our day to day life activities thus reducing human labor and human error. Robots can be manually controlled or can be

IoT -Based Accompanying Robot
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This paper designs an internet of things ( IoT )-Based accompanying robot . The robot can help users to accompany their children or pets through internet when they go out. An camera and a screen are settled on the robot to achieve the function of video call. A infrared camera

Development Toward Intelligent Homecare-assisted Robot with IoT
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The use of Internet-of-Things ( IoT ) for integration in the service robot design has become a field of interest today. This study aims to demonstrate the viability of IoT -connected approach in a homecare service with intensive task such as navigation capability and situation

IOT Based Camouflage Army Robot
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Science is a field developing in a rapid phase in order to create the technology which can make human life easier. Nowadays, many innovations and inventions are made in the field of defence to reduce the loss of human lives. One such invention is Camouflage Robot that

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Fire accidents occur often which endanger the environment and the human lives. The life of the fire fighters is always at a risk. The aim of this paper is to design a robot which acts as a fire extinguisher. The robot is sent to the fire prone place and it puts off the fire which

IOT Based Pick and Place Robot
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Proposed system is Pick and Place Robot using IoT with Raspberry Pi and it is done by sensors and web applications. This system is designed using Raspberry Pi module with Computer Vision techniques. Using this it can monitor the work done by robot connected

IoT Based Surveillance Robot Control System
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This paper presents the security through video Surveillance Robot . Here we design and build a manually controlled IOT Based Surveillance Robot . This robot can roam in given environment and can send real time data (video) to the controller (human) using internet/wifi

Remote Security Surveillance by IoT Based Robot
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This paper presents the control of terrorist attack throughout the world by monitoring and controlling of mobile robot via internet through Raspberry pi board. The monitoring and controlling of robotic movements through wireless network by using a web browser and

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The reason for this paper is to make a robot utilizing raspberry pi which is controlled by web. This robot is intended to guarantee wellbeing at work regions, for example, nuclear power plants and different businesses where there is chance that fire happen. Our robot