IOT internet of things MODULE

An IoT module is a small electronic device embedded in objects, machines and things that connect to wireless networks and sends and receives data. Sometimes referred to as a “radio chip”, the IoT module contains the same technology and data circuits found in mobile phones but without features like a display or keypad.

Survey on home security surveillance system based on wi-fi connectivity using Raspberry Pi and IOT module
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This paper details the design and development of Wi-Fi connectivity based on home security surveillance camera using Raspberry Pi and an IoT Module reducing continuous human monitoring and controlling with enhanced performance and effective results. Adding

Fabrication of IoT Force Sensor Module in Five-day Program for Students as Part of Nanotechnology Platform Japan Project
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An IoT force sensor module was fabricated and demonstrated in a five-day practical program for students, as part of the Nanotechnology Platform Japan project. The module mainly consists of a silicon-based piezoresistive micro-electromechanical system (MEMS) force

IoT based home automation system using NodeMCU ESP8266 module
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In this project, we are going to make an IOT based home automation system using NODEMCU ESP8266 Wi-Fi module and. Using this we will be able to control home appliances through a web browser using your PC or mobile. These AC mains appliances

Effective and Secure E-Voting Application in GSM Module using IOT
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E-voting system gives biometric security and is used for government choices. Recasting and middle person voting is shockingly irreversible. Continuously, the endorsed customers are chosen and checked. E-voting structure has pushed toward getting to be secured however