iot theft detection


IoT based-Transformer power theft detection and protection
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The electricity is needed to be protected for efficient power delivery to the consumer because electricity is indispensable to domestic and industrial development activity. There are two types of losses technical and Nontechnical losses. Every year the electricity

IOT Based Theft Detection using Raspberry Pi
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Security and safety have always become a basic necessity for the urban population. To Monitor and to detect we use CCTV cameras. In surveillance, CCTV camera is costly because of the use of a computer. It reserves too much space for continues recording and

IoT based Power Theft Detection
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Electrical power theft is a major problem in power system network all over the world, which is illegal and should be strictly prohibited. Power theft can be defined as the usage of the electrical power without any contract with the supplier. In order to eliminate power theft , the

IoT Based Energy Meter and Theft Detection
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In this paper, we propose a new system to update energy consumption of electricity on cloud by wifi module these system design using existing energy meter. In the present billing system the distribution companies are unable to keep track of the changing maximum

IoT Based Energy Metering And Theft Detection
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In this connected world, the expansion of the intelligent devices has created a new start to the machine to machine communication at any time and at any place. As intelligence spreads beyond devices to anything, this connectivity has created a more noteworthy vision

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Property crimes is said to hover around 10 million annually. Of this vehicle theft tops the list and often occurs in all parts of the world. There are so many recent technologies evolving and new methods are being upgraded in overcoming this issue. Internet of Things has

Anti- Theft Detection and Tracking System for Car Using IoT
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Despite the various technologies that have been introduced in recent years to deter car thefts and tracking it, it was reported that as many as cars were stolen yearly in the world. According to National Crime Information Center (NCIC), in 2006, 1,192,809 motor vehicles

IoT based Theft Detection and Alarming System for Farm Equipment
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The Internet of Things ( IOT ) is the driving force for a great deal of innovation and economic activities. It is interconnection of uniquely identifiable embedded devices within the existing internet infrastructure. In this project the concept of IoT has been expanded to agriculture. As

IOT based Power Theft Detection and Time based Load Scheduling
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Power theft is an increased problem in the world, particularly in India where electricity is illegally stealth by various intruders. This needs to be identified to avoid the unwanted power consumption and cost utility. As a solution the IOT based wireless power theft detection

Smart City Underground Water Leak and Theft Detection System with IOT
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This paper depicts regarding those plan and usage of an advanced smart city water leakage following furthermore identification framework will screen furthermore recognize spill for those help for remote networked sensors. The goal for this improved framework will be