linear regulator


The linear regulator is the basic building block of nearly every power supply used in electronics. The IC linear regulator is so easy to use that it is virtually foolproof, and so inexpensive that it is usually one of the cheapest components

Suboptimal design of linear regulator systems subject to computer storage limitations
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ABSTRACT The feasibility of taking practical engineering constraints into con-sideration when designing optimal linear regulator systems is investi-gated. The study is conducted by prespecifying the structural form of time-varying feedback gains, while leaving various free

Multitime linear-quadratic regulator problem based on curvilinear integral
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Theorem 4. Suppose the linearregulator problem is formulated for unbounded u(t), specified t0, positive semidefinite matrices S, Q(t), and positive definite matrix R(t). Then there exists a unique optimal feedback control u∗ (t) = R(t) 1N(t)T K(t)x(t)

Discrete linear regulator revisited
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The discrete-time linear regulator has obtained much attention in the control literature. In fact, this problem has become standard and indispensable part of modern control theory and has found many practical applications. The discrete-time, infinite-horizon, time-invariant,

A high performance linear regulator for low dropout applications
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Todaymicroprocessors are placing ever greater demands upon power system design. Most state of the art devices now require a 3.3 V bus and therefore necessitate some means of stepping down the existing 5V system supply. To complicate matters further,

A dynamic game approximation for a linear regulator problem with a log-barrier state constraint
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AbstractAn exact supremum-of-quadratics representation for log-barrier functions is developed for, and subsequently applied in, a state-constrained linear regulator problem. By approximating this representation, it is shown that this regulator problem can be

Constrained linear quadratic regulator: continuous-time case
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Our idea in this paper, consists of considering the linearregulator problem as an initial guess. Based on this solution another optimization problem is formulated in which the state constraints are relaxed while the control constraints are maintained

A computer aided design-analysis technique for stochastic linear regulator problems
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The class of control problems denoted as Linear Quadratic Gaussian (LQG) is characterized by an Integral quadratic performance measure in the state and input vectors of the system and by linear dynamics with additive Gaussian white noise. In Chapter II the mathematical

Linear Regulator Design Guide For LDOs
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This application report evaluates the thermal considerations for linear regulator design. The thermal equations governing a linear regulator and the evaluation and selection of a linear regulator for a particular design are presented3 Power Dissipation in the Linear Regulator 4 Thermal

Optimal and Robust Sliding Mode Regulator for Linear Systems with Delayed Control
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with time delay in observations. Performance of the obtained optimal regulator is verified in the illustrative example against the best linearregulator available for linear systems without delays. Simulation graphs and comparison

Design of a Stochastic Linear Discrete Regulator Based on an Optimal State Estimation Approach
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necessary. ln this paper, the design of a stochastic linearregulator is proposed for the case of linear discrete-time systems according to a strategy that depends on1y on past and present information about the dynamic system

UltraFast Linear Regulator Eliminates All Bulk Tantalum and Electrolytic Output Capacitors
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Powering 200+ MHz microprocessors requires high current, tight tolerance, fast transient response power supplies. Fast load transients mandate bulk output capacitance to maintain regulation and thus, cost increases. Surface mount tantalum capacitors are expensive and