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Low noise block downconverter design for satellite receiver system Vinasat 1 operating at C-band
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Abstract: This paper describes the study, design and fabrication of a low noise block downconverter (LNB) used for satellite receiver system Vinasat 1 operating at 3.4-4.2 GHz. The LNB design is compromised many importance

DiSEqC Protocol and Low – Noise Block Voltage Regulator TPS65235 for Satellite STB/TV
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Satellite STB/TV technology allows consumers to receive TV programming through a personal dish installed at their homes or permitted buildings. As the terminal in the signal- channel, the satellite STB/TV receiver consists of a dish antenna, low – noise block

Design and Implementation of a Low Noise Block for Extended C-Band Earth Station
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Abstract In this paper, we design and implement a compact low noise block (LNB) for extended C-band Earth Station in satellite communication systems which converts the

Modelling, Simulation and Analysis of a Low – Noise Block Converter (LNBC) Used For Communication Satellite Reception Using Matlab
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Block Converter (LNBC) used for Communication Satellite reception using MATLAB is a work that tends to use some aspect of Computer Engineering tools to realise LNBC fundamentals where Channels programming sources provided programming for