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REQUEST PAPER Rainbow: Preventing Mobile-Camera-based Piracy in the Physical World

Rainbow: Preventing Mobile-Camera-based Piracy in the Physical World

IEEE International Conference on Computer Communications,

Since the mobile camera is often small in size and easy to conceal, existing anti-piracy solutions are inefficient in defeating mobile-camera-based piracy, thus it remains a serious threat to copyright of Intellectual property. This paper presents Rainbow, a low-cost lighting system which prevents mobile-camera-based piracy attacks on intellectual property in the physical world, eg, art paintings. Through embedding invisible illuminance flickers and chromatic changes into the light, our system can significantly degrade the imaging quality of Rainbow: Preventing Mobile-Camera-based Piracy in the Physical World

Interaction of mobile camera devices with physical maps
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Traditional paper-based maps are still superior to their digital counterparts used on mobile devices in several ways. They provide highresolution, large-scale information with zero power consumption. On the other hand digital maps provide personalized and dynamic

Participatory sensing in commerce: Using mobile camera phones to track market price dispersion
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In economics, price dispersion refers to the price difference of a homogeneous good across different vendors. According to The empirical evidence suggests that price dispersion in both online and offline markets is sizeable, pervasive, and persistent. Not surprisingly, there

Mobile camera supported document redirection
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Qiong Liu, Paul McEvoy, Cheng-Jia Lai FX Palo Alto Laboratory 3400 Hillview Avenue, Bldg. 4 Palo Alto, CA 94304 1-650-813-6957 ABSTRACT In this demonstration, we are going to illustrate how to use a mobile camera to redirect documents to

A text detection technique applied in the framework of a mobile camera -based application
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Recent advances in mobile devices allow us to address many new challenging problems. One of them is automatic text recognition for embedded platform. This paper describes an innovative text detection system in the context of an embedded camera-based application

Mobile camera microphotography: a simple but elegant technique for telediagnosis of malaria
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Malaria is still widely prevalent in developing countries, leading to sizable morbidity and mortality. Early and accurate diagnosis of the nature of malarial parasite is made with microscopy or rapid diagnostic strip tests. This is essential and crucial for appropriate choice

Mobile camera based text detection and translation
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Inspired by the well-know iPhone app Word Lens , we developed an Android-platform based text translation application that is able to recognize the text captured by a mobile phone camera, translate the text, and display the translation result back onto the screen of

Mobile in vivo biopsy and camera robot
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This mobile camera robot was used successfully to remove a porcine gallbladder without the aid of a laparoscope . This procedure demonstrates the usefulness of in vivo robotics by showing the practicality of a two-port cholecystectomy

A Comparative Analysis of Different Edge Based Algorithms for Mobile / Camera Captured Images
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ABSTRACT CBDA is an emerging field in Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition. In recent technology camera are attached to several equipments and are very interesting and playing a vital role by replacing scanner with hand held imaging devices like Digital

Automated Mobile pH Reader on a camera phone
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robustness of the system [5,6]. Fig. 1 shows the overall structure of the system. An image of the pH test strip and the color reference chart is first captured by a mobile camera phone. The image processing unit (IPU) running on

Recognition of gurmukhi text from sign board images captured from mobile camera
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This paper presents recognition of Gurmukhi text from sign board images which are captured through mobile phone camera. The images are binarized and noise free. This consists of three stages. In first step the extracted text is segmented into characters. In

Camera-based motion recognition for mobile interaction
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Page 1. International Scholarly Research Network ISRN Signal Processing Volume 2011, Article ID 425621, 12 pages doi:10.5402/2011/425621 Research Article Camera-Based Motion Recognition for Mobile Interaction Jari

Mobile Phone Camera Possibilities for Spectral Imaging
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made on the mobile device itself. One such application is the usage of the output of the mobile camera that through estimation algorithms to be able to recover the spectral reflectance information. The thesis is focused in studying mechanism would radically improve triage, diagnosis and management of soft tissue and hand trauma, which form a sizeable proportion of surgical emergency presentations . A study in New Zealand by Lam et al., 2004 incorporated the use of mobile camera telephones and

Detecting Good Quality Frames in Videos from Mobile Camera for Blind Navigation
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The development of smart mobile device with cameras makes it possible to build wearable and portable blind assistant navigation systems. However, it is difficult for blind user to capture high-quality images and videos of surrounding environments without motion blur or

Ringing artifacts removal system for mobile application camera by modified K-means algorithm
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Compression and interpolation are used in a variety of video devices such as mobile camera phones, digital cameras, and TV sets . These devices use compressed video data; therefore, in order to display the compressed data, they should use interpolation to generate the

Mobile Camera Gaming: Using Camera Enabled Mobile Phones for Photo Playing.
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As the mobile phones camera is becoming the most widely available consumer tool for media creation it also opens new possibilities for casual and social form of mobile gaming. This paper presents a concept of using photos in a guess-the-word type of games

Mobile camera photography for quick second opinion for Pap smear screening
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ABSTRACT E-medicine is being increasingly used in recent times. The frontiers are ever expanding. We describe the use of a mobile camera for microphotography to capture images from a Papanicolaou smear and also capture a picture of the cervix through the

Mobile Camera as a Human Vision in Augmented Reality
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The real world objects can be recognized by using marker based and marker-less augmented reality systems. Mostly, the previous developers used markers based augmented reality systems. However, those systems actually hide the reality and it was also

Recovering Camera Motion and Mobile Objects in Video Documents
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The system also attempts to classify shots or sub-segments of shots into one of the following categories of no motion, non mobile camera motion, mobile camera motion or other type of motion. Further subcategorization can be done for each recovered type

Mobile camera phones: a new form of being together in daily interpersonal communication
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Roland Barthes concludes his essay La chambre claire by stating that what characterizes so-called advanced societies is the fact that Society consumes images now instead of beliefs. He writes, Pleasure is experienced via the image: this is the great