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MUSICAL TOUCHs BELL we rule the world
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the touch -plates act as a switch. Other features include low cost and low power consumption. The bell can work on 1.5V or 3V, using one or two pencil cells, and

Calculated pitch sensations for new musical bell designs
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This paper describes pitch perceptions calculated using Terhardts virtual pitch algorithm for six new musical bell designs. The bells were designed to produce multiple pitch perceptions in a range of just musical intervals, by tuning bell partials to subsets of the harmonic series of

Application of Modal Analysis to Musical Bell Design
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Pitch perception has been shown to depend on a variety of attributes of the sensation. Pitch height can be subjectively measured as the frequency of a pure tone with the same pitch height as the sound being measured1. Pitch strength can then be defined as the certainty of

Music; Musical Instruments; Diving Bell
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A carillon the bell considered as a musical instrument is
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AMERICAN interest in the art of the carillon–the bell considered as a musical instrument–is of comparatively recent date; suddenly, and for no very apparent reason, the country seems to have become carillon-minded. True, the sweet church bell that peals oer hill and dell

The Use of the Church Bell : From Signaling Device to Musical (Percussion) Instrument
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The first use of bells for musical1 purposes was recorded in 000 BC in China. They used stationary bells that hung on a framework and used hammers to play them. They soon developed a standard bell tuning, and in the fifth century BC bells were part of the Chinese