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Suitability of pico -hydropower technology for addressing the Nigerian energy crisis A review
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The energy crisis is global with various approaches being adopted by various regions of the world to tackle their peculiar situations. In Nigeria, several proposals and/or projections including rural electrification programmes have been made but they have largely remained

Pico -Satellite Orbit Control by Vacuum Arc Thrusters as enabling Technology for Formations of small Satellites
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We examine a deployment scenario: a group of four CubeSats launched in 2009 to a sun synchronous circular orbit at an altitude of≈ 715 km The orbit of each satellite is naturally evolving (no propulsion) Although the CubeSats where released from the same launcher

Pico Hydro Power Generator: Renewable Energy Technology For Rural Electrification
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In this paper an attempt is made to discuss types of hydropower schemes and present a methodology on development operation of Pico hydropower projects for running the generator and use of battery to light up the house are common to rural folks. The difficulty of

ICUBE-1: First step towards developing an experimental pico -satellite at institute of space technology
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Generally launching satellites for the purpose of research and technology demonstration largely remained with the national space agencies as huge funding requirements inhibited the initiation of such projects at university level. It was this idea of providing, at university

A new pico -litre fluid dispensing technology for new possibilities
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Biosensors more often than not require the manipulation of liquids, either to produce a biosensor itself, or to facilitate the biosensors operation. As technological progress is made, the volumes of fluid involved have reduced and continue to do so. Reactions which may

Smart Grid Technology using Multilevel Topologies (Wind-Solar- Pico Hydel)
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This paper mainly concentrates on smart grid technology using multilevel topologies. In this paper we have connected wind turbine, PV cell, Pico generator set so that the Electrical Energy is generated and it is connected to the Grid using multilevel Topologies

Development of Pico -Hydel Power Technology using Pump as Turbine
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TO exploit vast Pico -hydro resources available especially in hilly regions, PAT is a potential alternative solution. It consists of a centrithea# volute PUMP in reverse direction acting as a turbine, while the motor works as a generator alter suitable changes. PAT can he proved to

B. Tech Project Report on Development of Pico -Hydel Power Technology using Pump as Turbine
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There are vast Nano and Pico scale hydro resources available in India and worldwide. These resources go unharnessed because of complexities involved in setting up of a normal turbine driven hydro power plant. In these situations pump as turbine (PAT) can be a