receives radio waves and converts the information which is carried by them into a usable form. A radio receiver can be an integrated circuit (IC) within another device. radio receivers. Offering unmatched integration and PCB space savings,

A 12-channel real-time GPS L1 software receiver
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A real-time software receiver architecture can provide GPS user equipment with operational
flexibility that will prove more and more useful as time goes by. The current GPS system is
slated to expand its capabilities to include new civilian codes on the L2 frequency and a new

NovAtelGPS Receiver the High Performance OEM Sensor of the Future
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Abstract In this paper, the 10 channel NovAtel GPSCard receiver is presented. This receiver
is available as a low cost, high performance GPS sensor, providing features and capabilities
to support all OEM applications. NovAtel, a cellular systems and subscriber equipment

Receiver operating characteristic (ROC) methodology: the state of the art
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Receiver operating characteristic (ROC) analysis is a procedure, derived from statistical
decision theory, that was developed in the context of electronic signal detection. 1 It is used
in medical applications to evaluate the accuracy of diagnostic and prognostic technologies.

Performance of screening and diagnostic tests: application of receiver operating characteristic analysis
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METHODS Background Since Goldbergcomprehensive presentation of evidence about
the General Health Questionnaire (GHQ), a psychiatric instrument for detecting psychiatric
illness in primary care settings, it has been customary for psychiatric researchers to give

RINEX-The receiver independent exchange format-version 3.00
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02 Feb 2006 A few typos and obsolete paragraphs removed. 08 Mar 2006 Epochs of met
data of met files version 2.11 are in GPS time only (Table A14). 31 Mar 2006 DCB header
record label corrected in Table A3: SYS/DCBS APPLIED. June 2006 Filenames for mixed

Development of the low-cost RTK-GPS receiver with an open source program package RTKLIB
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Abstract: RTKLIB is an open source program package for RTK-GPS developed by the
authors. RTKLIB is a compact and portable program library written in C to provide a standard
platform for RTK-GPS applications. The library implements fundamental navigation functions

The neglected receiver
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Knowledge sharing has become a legitimate and important organizational activity, and over
the last five years companies have been inventing many ways to make knowledge sharing
happen, eg, collecting lessons learned, building yellow pages to help employees find

Abstruct-In code division multiple access (CDMA) mobile radio systems, both intersymbol
interference and multiple access interference arise which can be combated by using either
elaborate optimum or favorable suboptimum joint detection (JD) techniques. Furthermore,

International reports: Technical directives for standardization of GPS time receiver software
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The observation, using the common-view method, of satellites of the Global Positioning
System (GPS), is one of the most precise and accurate methods for time comparison
between remote clocks on the Earth or in its close vicinity. It has already been shown that

Iterative receiver design
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In early 2002, I was absent-mindedly surfing the Internet, vaguely looking for a tutorial on
turbo codes. My PhD advisor at Ghent University, Marc Moeneclaey, thought it wise for his
new students to become familiar with these powerful error-correcting codes. Although I

GPS receiver system noise
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In radio-based communication and navigation ystems, noise originate, from variou sources:
the equipment itself; other electrical devices such as radio transmitters, microwave ovens,
motor, relays, ignition systems. and light dimmers; and natural terre trial and extraterrestrial

Analysis of range and position comparison methods as a means to provide GPS integrity in the user receiver
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ABSTRACT Integrity is the ability of a system to let its users know whether the system is
operating out of its specified performance limits. This paper analyzes two receiverbased
methods for assuring the integrity of Global Positioning System (GPS) signals-in-space for

A usermanual for DELSOL3: a computer code for calculating the optical performance and optimal system design for solar thermal central receiver plants
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ABSTRACT DELSOLS is a revised and updated version of the DELSOL2 computer program
(SAND81-8237) for calculating collector field performance and layout and optimal system
design for solar thermal central receiver plants. The code consists of a detailed model of the

An intuitive approach to receiver operating characteristic curve analysis
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Meaningful comparison of diagnostic imaging tests inevitably requires expression of
observer performance. The most commonly used measures of observer performance
sensitivity, specificity, and percentage accuracy fail to take account of variability of the

Experimental investigation of natural convection heat loss from a model solar concentrator cavity receiver
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Natural convection heat loss inevitably occurs in cavity-type receivers in high concentrating
solar dishes, downward focusing systems and solar towers. In most applications, it can
contribute a significant fraction of total energy loss, and hence it is an important determining

Performance of the directly-irradiated annular pressurized receiver (DIAPR) operating at 20 bar and 1,200 C
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Many modern power generation cycles and thermo-chemical processes, such as fuel
production, require high temperatures in excess of 1,000 C and pressures of 10 30 bar. A
solar receiver capable of operating at these conditions could be integrated with the most

From the help desk: Comparing areas under receiver operating characteristic curves from two or more probit or logit models
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Abstract. Occasionally, there is a need to compare the predictive accuracy of several fitted
logit (logistic) or probit models by comparing the areas under the corresponding receiver
operating characteristic (ROC) curves. Although Stata currently does not have a ready

The EMIR multi-band mm-wave receiver for the IRAM 30-m telescope
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Aims. The prime motivation of this project was to design and build a state-of-art mm-wave
heterodyne receiver system to enhance the observing throughput of the IRAM 30-m
radiotelescope. More specifically, the requirements were i) state-of-art noise performance for

Performance evaluation of the 200-kWth HiTRec-II open volumetric air receiver
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The High Temperature Receiver (HitTRec) consists of a modular ceramic absorber, a
supporting structure and an air-return system. It has been designed to prevent possible flow
instability at 700 800 C average outlet air temperature with atmospheric pressure. The

GPS and Galileo: Dual RF Front-end receiver and Design, Fabrication, And Test
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Design State of the Art GPS Galileo Dual RF ReceiversThis authoritative guide walks you
through the process of designing fabricating and testing a highly integrated low noise low
power and low cost RF front end for GPS and Galileo the leading satellite based global

Receiver noise temperature, the quantum noise limit, and the role of the zero-point fluctuations
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Summary There are in use at present three different ways of deducing the receiver noise
temperature TR from the measured Y-factor, each resulting in a different value of TR. The
methods differ in the way the physical temperatures of the hotcold loads, Th and Tc

Receiver for solar-hybrid gas turbine and CC systems (REFOS)
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ABSTRACT Solar hybrid power plants have a significant potential for cost reduction when
the solar energy is introduced into a gas turbine system. The thermal efficiency of gas
turbine power systems (in combined cycle or recuperated configuration) is about 40% higher

A low-noise, high-dynamic-range, digital receiver for radio astronomy applications: an efficient solution for observing radio-bursts from Jupiter, the Sun, pulsars, and
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A new two-channel digital receiver that can be used for observing both stationary and
sporadic radio sources in the decameter wave band is presented. Current implementation of
the device operating at the sampling frequency of 66 MHz is described in detail, including

Use of a vector delay lock loop receiver for GNSS signal power analysis in bad signal conditions
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(VDLL and VFLL) GPS receiver following the software defined radio approach and the use
of this receiver to analyze signal power of GPS C/A code signals in a selection of
experiments including indoor signals, car navigation and satellites at negative elevation

Acquisition schemes for software GPS receiver
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ABSTRACT This paper discloses two new acquisition approaches to improve the efficiency
of conventional acquisition methods used in GPS software receivers. The first single side
band approach will reduce the process time and search time of the conventional approach

PeerStreaming: A practical receiverdriven peer-to-peer media streaming system
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ABSTRACT We have developed PeerStreaming, a receiverdriven peer-topeer (P2P) media
streaming system. Recognizing the fact that the peer is performing a favor for the client and
the server during the streaming session, the design philosophy of PeerStreaming is to

Radio receiver design
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An attempt has been made in this book to bring together the fundamentals of radio receiver
design. Difficulties were experienced in determining the order of treatment, and it was finally
decided to follow introductory chapters on general considerations and valves by a detailed

Smoother-based GPS signal tracking in a software receiver
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ABSTRACT Global Positioning System (GPS) signal tracking algorithms have been
developed using the concepts of Kalman filtering and smoothing. The goal is to improve
phase estimation accuracy for non-real-time applications. A bit-grabber/software- receiver