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Wideband coplanar waveguide RF probe pad to microstrip transitions without via holes
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A novel via-less coplanar waveguide (CPW) to microstrip transition is discussed and design rules based on simulations and experimental results are presented. This transition demonstrates a maximum insertion loss of 1 dB over the frequency range from 10 GHz to 40

A new low frequency RF probe technique for electron density determination in the temporal afterglow plasma
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Due to their exhibited advantages over continuous and RF glows, the pulsed discharges gain more attention in a wide variety of applications, like film deposition, plasma chemistry, semiconductor processing, etc. For this reason, fast time-resolved experimental methods

Field estimation and signal calibration of RF guns without field probe
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transport. Focussing solenoids put addi- tional space restrictions and led to the decision to build the cavity without RF probe and to measure the forward and the reflected wave with a high precision directional coupler instead

Optimized Optoelectronic/ RF Probe for Low-Frequency (VHF) Wireless-over-Fiber Transmissions
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It is shown the development of a passive VHF-detector/optical-modulator (Tx module) for 88- 108 MHz band. It uses illumination-type Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs) at 650 nm as optical sources coupled to a POF, usually limited to~ 100 m length. Reactance matching is

Increased sensitivity to the BOLD-fMRI signal response during electrical forepaw stimulation in mice using a cryogenic RF probe
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METHODS Instrumentation: All experiments were carried out on a Bruker BioSpec 94/30 (Bruker BioSpin MRI, Ettlingen, Germany) small animal MR system. Two RF coil setups were used for the MRI experiments: a) A rectangular RT (293K) quadrature receive only surface

PCB RF Probe Landing Pads for mm-Wave Measurements
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The design of the landing pads has a significant impact on the overall performance of the measurement system using RF probes. To ensure maximum measurement accuracy the landing pad should provide a low reflective, low-loss and low dispersive transition between An electrodeless immersible rf probe for measurement of plasma conductivity in the range 0.01 to 100 mho/m has been designed and fabricated. The probe, with an overall diameter of 11 mm, employs unidirectional electromagnetic field lines which reduce the inaccuracies

Optimization of an RF Probe Vicinity for RF Gun Cavities
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To provide electron bunches with exceptionally high brightness, RF gun cavity should operate with the extreme electric and magnetic fields. The RF probe is required for the mostly reliable and precise measurements of the RF field phase and amplitude directly from

3. A four-element cryogenic phased array receive only RF probe for mouse MR imaging and spectroscopy
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Structural and functional imaging of the mouse brain requires high spatial resolution and can lead to long acquisition times or insufficient SNR. The development of commercially available cryogenically cooled RF coils has been demonstrated beneficial for small animal

Ionospheric composition measurements with an RF impedance probe: technical report
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Page 1. THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING Department of Aerospace Engineering High Altitude Engineering Laboratory Technical Report ION OSPHERIC COMPOSITION MEASUREMIENTS VVITH