secure automation system

Security automation is the automatic handling of security operations-related tasks. It is the process of executing these tasks, such as scanning for vulnerabilities, without human intervention.

Implementation of Smart Homes and Industrial Automation System with Secure Communication over GSM
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Home automation is method of controlling our house hold appliances, updating the status of lights, fans, motors and other appliances through any remote control device or mobile phones. Their ON/OFF status can be changed according to our desire. On the other hand, in

Secure autoconfiguration of field equipment in mobile automation system
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In future the total amount of networked devices will increase significantly and cost effective management requires them to be as autonomous as possible. As the number of networked devices increases new business opportunities become available as long as the underlying

6LoWPAN-based wireless home automation : from secure system development to building energy management
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Recently, home automation systems have been challenged with two outstanding needs: the need for high interoperability between home devices, and the need for accessing the system from different end points. The Internet of Things idea consists of IP-enabled embedded

A Smart and Secure Home Automation System Using IoT
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This paper is based on the development of a model simulating a home automation system with different operation modes which can be controlled by android mobile application. In this work, a smart and secure home automation system is proposed to automatically achieve

An intelligent secure and automation system for railway
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The length of metro lines with driverless train operation (DTO) systems is increasing globally and is predicted to triple in the next 10 years. This paper gives the history and future trend of the DTO systems. The opportunities provided by the DTO systems, such as lower operation

Implementation of Secure Home Automation System using Android Phone Wi-Fi
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Internet of Things or shortly known as IoT can be described as the intelligent linking of various appliances to provide for a new form of communication between technology and people. IoT has advanced significantly in last decade due to the comfort and privilege it