Smart Crop Protection System

Wild animals like monkeys, estray animals especially cows and buffaloes, wild dogs, nilgais, bisons, elephants deer, wild pigs and even birds like parakeets cause a lot of damage to crops either by running over them or eating them and vandalizing them completely. This leads to poor yield of crops. These animals attack on fruit orchards and destroy the flowerings and fruits. In both cases, this leads to significant financial loss to the farmers and orchard owners. The problem is so pronounced that sometimes farmers decide to leave the area barren due to these animal attacks.

IOT Based Crop Protection System against Birds and Wild Animal Attacks
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The main aim of our project is to protect the crops from damage caused by animal as well as divert the animal without any harm. Crops in farms are many times ravaged by local animals like buffaloes, cows, goats, birds etc. This leads to huge losses for the farmers. It is not

VIPS A web-based decision support system for crop protection in Norway
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In Norway, a web-based warning system called VIPS has been developed under a national government funded programme for reduced risk of pesticides used in agriculture. VIPS is a collaboration project between the Norwegian Crop Research Institute, Plant Protection

I-mode cellular phone access type crop protection support system PADB
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In March 2000, we first developed an integrated database system called PaDB for the purpose of supporting preventive work for crop diseases and pests. The system is composed of three special databases–plant protection guidebook, illustrated book of crop diseases

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MDA ALAM, M SALMAN, SRSAIN REDDY 2017 ▶ The root cause of most plant diseases is Fungus; fungus is developed on surface of leaf because of moisture. In night time dew falls on the leaf, it creates moisture on the leaf; obviously it leads to disease creation and can use this protection system to control the

Weather-Climate Forecasting System for Early Warning in Crop Protection
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Weather and Climate forecasting is the application of science and technology to predict the state of the atmosphere for a given location. This provide occurrence or change in severity of plant diseases. At the field scale, these systems are used by growers to make economic

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Agriculture is the most important sector of our Indian economy. It plays a vital role as India exports a large quantity of agriculture materials like fruits, vegetables, pulses, spices etc. The proposed system is basically on crop protection based on environmental changes like high

Development of Hydroponic Root Zone Cooling System for Selected Vegetables (Lactuca Sativa) Cultivation Under Crop Protection Structures.
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Hydroponics cultivation method commonly applies for growing leafy vegetables and sometimes fruit vegetables. Problems commonly associated with hydroponic system are wastes of growing media and liquid, and water temperature can easily increase under direct

Research Article The Social, Ecological and Farming System Constraints on Organic Crop Protection in Puerto Rico
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Puerto Rico, although well positioned to take advantage of growth in the North American organic produce market, is only a minor organic producer in the Caribbean. This is despite having a good national infrastructure, access to the organic markets in the US and a

System Management Approach in Crop Production and Protection
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The complexity of agricultural systems and the need to fulfill multiple objectives in sustainable agro-ecosystems call for interdisciplinary analyzes and input from a wide variety of disciplines in order to better understand the complete agronomic production system

The camera and the other components are connected to the microcomputer which is turned on 24×7 for the whole day. The camera continuously monitors the fields. Acting as the brain of the system, the Raspberry Pi continuously checks for the motion in the field or orchard. If any kind of motion is detected in the field, the raspberry pi checks for the presence of animals in the image. If any animal is found, it provides real-time images of the field over the internet, which can be viewed by using a web browser on devices like computer and mobile and also it alerts the surrounding people through buzzer sound.