smart home using iot


An IoT based Smart Home is one such example. In IoT enabled Smart Home environment various things such as lighting, home appliances, computers, security camera etc. all are connected to the Internet and allowing user to monitor and control things regardless of time and location constraint.

A smart home energy management system using IoT and big data analytics approach
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Increasing cost and demand of energy has led many organizations to find smart ways for monitoring, controlling and saving energy. A smart Energy Management System (EMS) can contribute towards cutting the costs while still meeting energy demand. The emerging

A smart home automation technique with raspberry pi using iot
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In this paper, we are presenting a proposed system for Smart Home Automation technique with Raspberry Pi using IoT and it is done by integrating cameras and motion sensors into a web application. To design this system, we are using a Raspberry Pi module with ComputerUses of Internet-of-Things have been increased almost in all domains. Smart Home System can be made using Internet-of-Things. This paper presents the design and an effective implementation of smart home system using Internet of things. The designed system is very

A review of smart home applications based on Internet of Things
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IEEE Explore. These databases contain literature focusing on smart home apps using IoT . The final Since 20 researchers have analyzed IoT -based smart home applications using several approaches. Regardless of their category

Smart – home automation using IoT -based sensing and monitoring platform
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In order to help maintain comfortable living conditions within a home , home monitoring and automation are utilized. The standards of humans comfort in homes can be categorized into several types. Among these categories, the most significant ones are the thermal comfort

Securing IoT for smart home system
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system. The IoT smart home system runs on conventional wifi network implemented based on the AllJoyn framework, using an asymmetric Elliptic Curve Cryptography to perform the authentications during system operation. AIII. ARCHITECTURE FOR SMART HOME USING IOT TECHNOLOGIES Current situation of home system is that each household appliance works separately. There is almost no cooperation and communication among appliances

Customary homes to smart homes using Internet of Things ( IoT ) and mobile application
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The main aim of the paper is to design a smart home automation system using IoT , that is to turn a customary home to a smart home for accessing and controlling devices and appliances remotely using Android based Smart phone app

Network-level security and privacy control for smart – home IoT devices
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have advocated a three-party architeture in which a specialist provider offers security-as-a-service, prototyped it using open-source SDN platforms, and evaluated its efficacy in protecting multiple smart – home devices. We believe our work is a first step towards IoT security that

Blockchain for IoT security and privacy: The case study of a smart home
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not necessarily suited for IoT due to high energy consumption and processing overhead. We previously proposed a method that addresses these challenges by leveraging the Bitcoin BC, which is an immutable ledger of blocks. The idea was discussed using a smart home as a

A review of Internet of Things for smart home : Challenges and solutions
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augmented with the cloud in the middle, and adapted to a particular application domain, ie smart home a wrapper or generalization of all the key features of IoT solutions for smart homes identified 4. Within the framework data is sent wirelessly and is shown using dashed linesThis article presents a platform combining hardware and software for smart power consumption monitoring, controlling, and planning in urban scenarios. The system integrates a hardware controller for energy efficiency, a communication protocol to improve

A novel secure IoT -based smart home automation system using a wireless sensor network
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Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) provide noteworthy benefits over traditional approaches for several applications, including smart homes, healthcare, environmental monitoring, and homeland security. WSNs are integrated with the Internet Protocol (IP) to develop thelanguages, and frameworks. This means that smart home services and solutions using IoT technologies have the potential to allow future ICT and housing industries to enter sustainable global markets. However, significant challenges

A host-based intrusion detection and mitigation framework for smart home IoT using OpenFlow
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Smart devices are gaining popularity in our homes with the promise to make our lives easier and more comfortable. However, the increased deployment of such smart devices brings an increase in potential security risks. In this work, we propose an intrusion detection andThus, we use an SDN-based home cloud to make relationships automatically. III. AUTOMATIC GENERATION OF RELATIONSHIPS USING SDN-BASED HOME CLOUD Considering a fault diagnosis in a smart home , various domains related to IoT devices should be included

IoT -based monitoring system using tri-level context making model for smart home services
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In future smart home based on Internet of Things ( IoT ), data acquisition and information analysis through various sensors will play a crucial role, and it will be a core technology to develop IoT -based smart home services. This paper proposes an IoT -based monitoring

A study on the adoption of IoT smart home service: using Value-based Adoption Model
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This study aims to comprehensively examine the adoption of smart home service. A new model combining VAM (Value-based Adoption Model) and TAM (Technical Acceptance Model) was developed and analysed with a set of variables from Unified Theory ofRequirements Raspberry Pi with Wi-fi module: Raspberry Pi is a single board computer which runs on Linux based operating system and is best suited for IoT [12 MAEL Mowad, A. Fathy, and A. Hafez, Smart home automated control system using android applicationCho, Ji Yeon, Hye Sun Lee, and Bong Gyou Lee, Connectivity Issues on IoT Business-The Web Integrated Smart Home Infrastructure Using Internet of Things, International Journal of Engineering Research and General Science Volume Issue 2015
What is the best example of an IoT device?
Consumer connected devices include smart TVs, smart speakers, toys, wearables and smart appliances. Smart meters, commercial security systems and smart city technologies — such as those used to monitor traffic and weather conditions — are examples of industrial and enterprise IoT devices.