smart refrigerator

IOT PROJECT smart refrigerator

Smart refrigerator, is a refrigerator which has been programmed to sense what kinds of products are being stored inside it and keep a track of the stock through barcode or RFID scanning.

IoT based smart refrigerator system
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With the enhancement of technologies in various fields our lives are directed to the intelligent and smarter regime. We are following new technologies rather than old approaches. Thus the devices ought to be smart enough to recognize our needs

Smart refrigerator using internet of things
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The core functionality of the smart fridge, is to maintain, with minimum effort, an inventory list of food items which might want to be purchased as soon as they run out. As a result, the user is notified every time three eggs are used. The pressure sensor triggers a notification to user

A RFID/NFC Fusion based Smart Refrigerator for Wellness Service
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In recent, the diet is one of a trend of the world for making a wellness life. However, the diet management depending on the characteristics of each person has a limitation. Thus, in this paper, we propose a smart dietary management not only patients but also regular users for

Peltier Based Eco-Friendly Smart Refrigerator for Rural Areas
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This project is a demonstration of an eco-friendly methodology for the implementation of solar powered thermoelectric refrigeration system. Solar energy is the most abundant and renewable source of energy in environment, and hence it is used in our project. In

Smart Refrigerator
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The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the set of devices and systems that interconnect real world sensors and actuators to the Internet. This includes many different systems, including smart objects, smart monitoring devices, home automation systems, smartphones (which are

Smart Refrigerator Proposal
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The New York Times reports that an average American family of four will account for over 120 pounds of food waste per month and that 27% percent of all food available will be lost to waste . In addition, other resources are lost due to inefficient shopping practices; forgetting

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With the improvement of advancements in different fields our lives are coordinated to the smart and more intelligent routine. We are following new advancements as opposed to old methodologies. The devices should be intelligent enough to provide our necessities. The

Customizable Smart Food Cabinet and Refrigerator .
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This smart appliances project is intended to create home appliances which are able interconnect one another and share data to provide convenient and comfortable environment to users. For this project, we successfully developed a smart food cabinet with

Internet-Aware Smart Medical Refrigerator
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Social mobility and an aging population have resulted in a higher number of elderly living alone without nearby family than ever before, and they are at-risk of fatal complications from minor accidents because of lack of monitoring. Elderly diabetics are particularly at risk from a

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We describe a smart energy cryocooler technology architecture for the next generation Very Large Array that makes use of multiple variable frequency cold heads driven from a single variable speed air cooled compressor. Preliminary experiments indicate that the

Technical Assessment of a Hybrid Solar-geothermal System Including Adsorption Refrigerator for Energy Supply to Restaurants in Smart City
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CO2 emissions from restaurants have increased over the past five years in Japan. As a result, countermeasures such as hybrid heat source systems that use renewable energy have gained increasing attention. In this paper, we assessed the efficiency of a hybrid solar