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The world of sport is continually changing over the years, and the use of technology is just one of those areas that has made an impact on many sports in the modern day. See the annual sports technology awards for the latest technology ideas in the world of sport.

Making changes to a sport, with the inclusion of new technologies, has often caused controversy. One criticism of the use of technology is that it can slow down the speed of the game, but on the other hand for many people it makes watching it more enjoyable to see the correct decisions being made. If a new technology is available, and shown to be accurate, then it should be used so that the correct decisions can be made. It is only fair to the players and teams that the right decisions are made.

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HANS device
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Wearable Computers
Prosthetic Devices for Disabled Athletes
Ingestible Thermometer Pills

Research on application of virtual reality technology in competitive sports
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Virtual reality technology is becoming perfecter and perfecter with the aid of computer hardware, software and virtual world integration technology , which can simulate the real world dynamically. The dynamical circumstance can make reaction according to peoples

Biomechanically driven developments in sports shoe technology : the example of tuned air
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Frequently, forces other than biomechanical science are the major drivers of product innovation in the athletic footwear industry. Innovations in materials science, new manufacturing processes, socio-economic forces and lifestyle trends are more common

Integral interactive technology of training, business and organizational function in the preventive sports management of human resources
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The aim of this paper is to construct and analyze three integral interactive models of training, business and organizational functions, created on the basis of philosophical, visionary, conceptual, scientific, technological and pragmatic approaches and projections in the

Design of user-centred wireless sensor technology in sports : An empirical study of elite kayak athletes
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University research is demanded to be more need-driven and usercentred in order to address and solve problems and needs of the market. In the present study a group of athletes and coaches has been analysed on their lead user characteristics. Some of the lead

of 3D Body Scanning Technology to Human Anthropometry: Body Surface Area and Body Volume Measurements in the Fields of Health and Sports Sciences
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In the fields of sports and health sciences, changes in body shape are one of the most important parameters in order to evaluate the effects of physical training and/or routine workout performed. Until now, these parameters were typically measured under manually

Applications of wearable technology in elite sports
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Wearable technology and biometrical data analysis have been around for a number of years within the Elite sports sector. In the last decade, significant progress has been made in the professional sports market; to the extent that many of the biometrics used by athletes are

Technology in sports assessment: Past, present and future
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Technology continues to transform many aspects of our lives. The adoption of technology into sport is no exception where advances in materials, equipment design, clothing and more recently micro sensors have all had an impact on the practice and performance of

A Study of the RFID Door Security System in the Feng Chia University Sports Center Based on Technology Acceptance Model and Diffusion of Innovations Theory
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In recent years, the application of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology has been one of the ten major information technology advances of the twenty-first century; however, there are still few studies that focus on RFID technology in sports centers in the

New Initiatives in Teaching Mathematics to Students of Sports Technology
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A new mathematics module, for Sports Technology students, was introduced at Loughborough University for the academic year 2003 4. This paper gives reasons for, and describes, the new initiatives which feature in this module. These include small group

The Relationship between Knowledge Management and Applying Information Technology in the Departments of Sports and Youth in West Azerbaijan
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Nowadays, the most important variable of multilateral development in organizations and businesses is knowledge. A correlation study was conducted to identify the relationship between knowledge management and applying information technology in departments of

Studies on the application of virtual reality technology in sports trainng under the background of internet
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In recent years, thanks to the progress and development of science and technology , the virtual reality technology has emerged at the right moment, as a new technology , the virtual reality technology has been applied widely in all the fields, and also plays an important role

mobility using reach tasks starting from upright standing positions.(p. 3). Lisboa, Portugal: International Congress on Sports Science Research and Technology
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1 BACKGROUND Joint mobility, the range of motion utilized to accomplish tasks, is fundamental to activities of daily living and athletic performance. Conventional tests of joint mobility are often performed joint-byjoint in supine or prone positions (Frost et al., 2013;

Technology and the Expansion of US Sports in Asia
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The aims of this paper are to study the developments of telecommunication technology and to examine the impacts of technologies in the processes of the expansion of US sports in Asia in the 1990s. Although a couple of global sporting events such as the Olympics and

Nanometer Technology and the Development of Competitive Sports in China.
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In the 1980s, Comrade Deng Xiaoping put forward a famous thesis science and technology are primary productive forces, which has been proved by a large number of facts in the development of modern science and technology . The development of modern science and

Role of information technology in enhancing sports performance
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The field of physical education and sports can make a significant contribution to the role that technologies play in our lives by carefully considering the benefits and liabilities of new information technologies on the whole person, body as well as mind. Information technology

Research on Competitive Sports in the Visual Field of Science and Technology Ethics-Survey on the Nature of Human Fades away in Competitive Sports
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Abstract The Progress of Science and technology has substantially increased the development of Competitive sports . At the same time, it is changing the man in the natural balance. Based on the natural value of competitive sports , this essay makes a survey on the

Survey of information technology in sports management
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Abstract Information Technology plays a vital role in international games likely cricket, tennis, soccer, etc. It will be very helpful for referees to assess a particular decision and give the decision accordingly, and for coaches it used to be very helpful in giving coaching to the

Research on Application of Computer Virtual Reality Technology in Sports Training
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Article Preview Article Preview Article Preview Computer virtual reality technology , emerging in recent years, had been widely applied to various fields and played important roles. This paper analyzed the characteristics of virtual reality technology owing to its technological

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In sport and exercise psychology the eye trackers are used specifically for applied practice and research across a broad range of sports domain to optimize athletic performance by detecting flaws linked to attentional focus, trajectory estimations, visual search strategies

The Application of Information Technology in Sports Teaching in Private Universities
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Article Preview Article Preview Article Preview With the development of society, information technology is increasingly used in education and teaching. Physical education plays an important role in education and teaching, and the teaching process is also integrated into