spying robot 2019

A spying robot, used for military applications, embedded with wireless camera to collect images at dark and transmit from here to commands to detect enemies.

building a RF based spying robot attached with wireless camera that can reduce the human victim. This robot sends the signal to the base station using wireless camera. One of the major application of this project can be analyzed using android based smart phone which can be used to control the movement of the robot. The robot sends the signal to the RF receiver mounted on the robot via RF transmitter at the base station. With this feature the robot can transmit real time videos with night vision capabilities and cannot be identified by the enemies in war zone.

Two Wheel Controlled Spy Robot
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Spy robot is a Wi-Fi controlled robot . A camera mounted on the robot sends real time video signals on to the user side, which can be seen on a display. Robot movements can be monitored looking at the display. Saving human life and providing security to the same both

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This system presents the wireless bomb disposal robot which will help to improve the defense of our nation from terrorist, suicide bombers and other such activities. The bomb detectors and disposal system work only with the presence of experts. But this way of

A Spy Robot for Military Applications
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We have developed a robot prototype for the purpose of spying in war fields and on border lines applications. This robot is being developed with the help of line following and obstacle avoiding techniques on Atmega8 microcontroller along with a Raspberry pi. A wireless

Spy Robot Wireless Video Surveillance using Arduino
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We developed a cost-effective Three-wheeled surveillance robot using an Arduino NANO microcontroller and a Smartphone running in Android Operating System. Surveillance robots typically consist of a Internet Protocol (IP) camera, Arduino and Wi-Fi module. We are using

RF Based Night Vision Spy Robot Using PIC Controller
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Most of the spy robots are remotely controlled robots, equipped with camera, transmitting video data to the troop. They are made to small and compact enough to easily transport. Humans are moved out from direct exposer to potentially dangerous situations. Robotic