Static random-access memory is a type of semiconductor random-access memory that uses bistable latching circuitry to store each bit. SRAM exhibits data remanence, but it is still volatile in the conventional sense that data is eventually lost when the memory is not powered

CMOS VLSI design of low power SRAM cell architectures with new TMR: A layout approach
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Rapid increase in technology for faster and smarter innovations that smoothens the needs of humans resulting in use of super tech gadgets, which use memory, such as, RAM. To meet the increasing demands, the size is getting reduced and the need to save power arises

Design and evaluation of 6T SRAM layout designs at modern nanoscale CMOS processes
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Six layout variations of the 6T SRAM cell are examined and compared. The comparison includes four conventional cells, plus the thin cell commonly used in industry and a recently proposed ultra-thin cell. The layouts of the cells are presented and corresponding memory

Improved Fault Tolerant SRAM Cell Design Layout in 130nm Technology
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Technology scaling of CMOS devices has made the integrated circuits vulnerable to single event radiation effects. Scaling of CMOS Static RAM ( SRAM ) has led to denser packing architectures by reducing the size and spacing of diffusion nodes. However, this trend has

1KB SRAM Memory Layout Design in 180nm Technology
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In this paper full custom memory layout design flow has been used to design 1KB SRAM layout , followed by physical verification checks such as DRC and LVS to validate all the layouts implemented. The Layout design techniques such as device matching and many

The Design of an SRAM -Based Field-Programmable Gate Array, Part II: Circuit Design and Layout
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Field-Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) are now widely used for the implementation of digital systems and many commercial architectures are available. Although the literature and data books contain detailed descriptions of these architectures, there is very little information