up converter


Up conveter is a part to convert signal up for transmission. Basically, mixer part for frequency upward conversion is called UP CONVERTER.

Digital upconverter IC tames complex modulation
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COVER FEATURE sequence of pulses through a variety of methods, but the end result in any case is the generation of a baseband signal. A baseband signal has a spectrum that starts at 0 Hz (DC) and extends to some positive frequency. The frequency range thus

The Advantages of Using a Quadrature Digital Upconverter (QDUC) in Point-to-Point Microwave Transmit Systems
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Direct conversion and super heterodyne transmitter architectures are commonly used in wireless systems. This application note briefly reviews the pros and cons of each approach (additional resources are listed in the References section) and also offers an architectural

Record efficient upconverter solar cell devices
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ABSTRACT: In this paper, we give a historic overview over the development of upconverter solar cell devices and show how performance has increased in the past few years. We present measurements of upconverter solar cell devices showing a world-record increase in

Generation of the Narrow Band Digital Modulated Signals Using Quadrature Digital Upconverter
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Abstract. The paper deals with the modern approach to generation of digital modulated signals at intermediate frequency in digital way. The common digital modulator is based on analogue Quadrature modulator. The modern VLSI integrated circuits enable to implement I INTRODUCTION The parametric upconverter transducer has been elegantly analysed

A Resistive HEMT Image Reject Upconverter with Tunable LO Suppression
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Abstract A simple, yet efficient, method to improve the local oscillator suppression of mixers based on transistors in the cold modus is presented. The paper presents two approaches. Both are tested on a 7 GHz resistive HEMT image reject upconverter . In the first approach it

Low-Noise Receivers: S-Band Parametric Upconverter Development
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The combination of a cryogenically-cooled parametric upconverter and a higher frequency maser post amplifier has been proposed as a method of achieving maser-like receiver noise temperatures over much larger instantaneous bandwidths and tuning ranges than are

Using the full solar spectrum with upconverter devices
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Photon upconversion, the creation of one higher energy photon out of at least two lower energy ones, has received significant attention among many research communities. Investigations on this mechanism reach from basic material science over fundamental

Low-Cost MMDS Upconverter for Outdoor Applications
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This article discusses a low-cost homodyne hybrid multichannel multipoint distribution service (MMDS) upconverter . The design of the radio frequency (RF) bandpass filter shows a sharp out-of-band response and, therefore, permits the use of a single phasedlocked

A Wideband Flexible Power Upconverter for Software Defined Radios
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AbstractIn a multi-standard radio transmitter it is common practice to use multiple narrowband PAand filters: one for each standard and a switch before them. With the ever increasing number of different standards to be supported, this architecture becomes