vector network analyzers


Traceability via the Internet for microwave measurements using vector network analyzers
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The Internet has been utilized to provide highly efficient and cost-effective measurement services using vector network analyzers (VNAs). Remote calibration and measurement using VNAs from two of the leading instrument manufacturers has been achieved with direct

Frequency-scalable nonlinear-transmission-line-based vector network analyzers
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An overview of the high-frequency reflectometer technology deployed in Anritsus VectorStar Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) family is given, leading to a detailed description of the architecture used to extend the frequency range of VectorStar into the high millimeter waves

Ordinary vector network analyzers get differential port measurement capability
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Yesterdays discrete RF circuits are rapidly becoming replaced with todays new RF integrated circuits (RFICs). In these new RFICs, differential or balanced ports are a common interface for transferring RF signal power into or out of the device, since balanced circuits

Verifying the Performance of Vector Network Analyzers
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This application note describes procedures that can be used to verify the performance and operation of a vector network analyzer (VNA) using just the equipment available in a standard Maury precision calibration kit 1. The purpose is to provide the user with a level of

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Abstract− Recently, a novel approach for the estimation of the residual error parameters of a calibrated vector network analyzer has been proposed. The method is based on a reflection measurement employing a high precision airline terminated by a short. From this

Narrow Pulse Measurements on Vector Network Analyzers
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This paper investigates practical aspects of measuring antennas operating with pulsed RF signals of very narrow width, down to 0.1 µs or less. The current generation of network analyzers provides very high IFBW, theoretically allowing measurement of very narrow A simple diode-based nonlinear verification device (NVD) design for nonlinear vector network analyzers is presented together with an improved figure of merit (FOM) parameter that is insensitive to impedance match and isolates variation of the devicequoteright s