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Haptic display of systems with changing kinematic constraints: The virtual piano action
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Skilled keyboardists enjoy very fine control over musical sounds at the piano but must make do without that fine control at the synthesizer keyboard. In contrast to the piano action, the typical synthesizer action is not subject to changing kinematic constraints and is therefore

The Virtual Piano Action: Design and Implementation.
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The design of a virtual piano action composed of a keyboard of motorized keys and a realtime mechanical system simulation is presented. Using this simulator, we have re- created certain aspects of the feel of the grand piano by numerically integrating the

Developing a virtual piano playing environment
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In this paper the framework for a multimedia platform called ADRI is described which aids in playing the piano . A 3D- piano with visualisation of notes was built in a virtual environment and connected with a real synthesizer using Midi to interact with a user. Multiple users can

Infrared vs. Ultrasonic Finger Detection on a Virtual Piano Keyboard.
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An immaterial digital keyboard is presented, aiming at testing possibilities to substitute physical with augmented piano keys during the performance. The main effort has been made around the realization of an accurate meanwhile fast detection of the hands

Detecting pianist hand posture mistakes for virtual piano tutoring
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Incorrect hand posture is known to cause fatigue and hand injuries in pianists of all levels. Our research is intended to reduce these problems through new methods of providing direct feedback to piano students during their daily practice. This paper presents an approach to

A Proposal of Virtual Piano by Using Horizon View Camera
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We have proposed Horizon View Camera (HVC), which is a unique system of the object detection by a single camera and has some unique characteristics. HVC is to put a single camera on the ground, and the optical axis of the camera is directed toward the horizon by

Tentap: a piano -playing gesture recognition system based on ten fingers for virtual piano
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We propose a system that recognizes 32 gestures to provide all possible tap combinations and finds applicability to the head mounted display (HMD) for playing virtual piano using an RGBD camera. While several existing hand interaction algorithms have introduced a mid-air

Real Time Virtual Piano Using Hand Gesture
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Abstract It is said that there is a need of portable music devices in order to save cost, provide a similar level of satisfaction to the user as playing on a physical instrument set does. Knowing this, why should everyone have to own a costly instrument set to start

Controlling complex virtual instruments A setup with note~ for Max and prepared piano sound synthesis
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This paper describes a setup for embedding complex virtual instruments such as a physical model of the prepared piano sound synthesis in the sequencing library note~ for Max. Based on the requirements of contemporary music and media arts, note~ introduces computer

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