voltage monitor

Voltage Monitoring Relays are solid-state protective relays that automatically operate when one or more phases of the three-phase supply is lost, or when the phase sequence is reversed. These relays monitor three-phase voltage and respond to abnormal or overcharge conditions universal voltage monitors intended for use in a wide variety of voltage sensing applications. These devices offer the circuit designer an economical solution for positive and negative voltage detection. The circuit consists of two comparator channels each with hysteresis,

Programmable voltage reference for a low voltage monitor circuit
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Low-power, battery supplied applications have known a continuous development in the last years. They are mainly implemented for portable products and, therefore, there is a restrain regarding the physical dimensions and the power consumption. At the same time there is a

Flexible Temperature, Voltage Monitor and System Fan Controller
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The ADT7462 is a flexible systems monitor IC, suitable for use in a wide variety of applications. It can monitor temperature in up to three remote locations, as well as its ambient temperature. There are up to four PWM outputs. These can be used to control the

dBCOOL R Remote Thermal Controller and Voltage Monitor
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The ADT7476A dBCOOL controller is a thermal monitor and multiple PWM fan controller for noise-sensitive or power-sensitive applications requiring active system cooling. The ADT7476A can drive a fan using either a low or high frequency drive signal and can monitor

Development of an alternating-current voltage monitor expanded scale, for spacecraft instrumentation systems
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The Model 829R line sensor is reportedly capable of responding to ac line drop-out in less than 20 milliseconds. While monitoring the line for catastrophic ac line drop-out, the instrument averages the ac line and continuously checks for average high and low voltage