waveguide detector


Monolithically integrated DBR laser, detector , and transparent waveguide fabricated in a single growth step
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The monolithic integration of a GaAs-AlGaAs distributed Bragg reflector (DBR) laser with a nonabsorbing grating section, a transparent waveguide , and an absorbing photodetector is reported. Transparent and absorbing segments were defined after growth by vacancy

Linear charge coupled device detector array for imaging light propagating in an integrated thin-film optical waveguide
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We will discuss device design, fabrication, and operation of a linear charge coupled device (CCD) detector array integrated with a thi n-film optical waveguide and applications of this structure to integrated optical signal processing and fiber optical communications. A two

Optical injection locking of a resonant tunneling diode-optical waveguide photo- detector
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We report photo-detection and optical injection locking of a resonant tunneling diode-optical waveguide (RTDOW) voltage controlled oscillator (VCO). When incorporated in a resonant tank the RTD-OW photo- detector is capable of locking to optical radio-frequency sub

Waveguide – detector system on silicon for sensor application
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A whole silicon monolithic waveguide – detector system is studied. Four different coupling electrophotonic devices are presented. One of them is analyzed in detail. The studied system consists of a planar pn junction with a waveguide built in a cavity in front of it. The

Design of Millimeter-wave Detector Module Composed of Detector Circuit and Waveguide -to Microstrip Transition
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Millimeter-wave penetrates various materials like clothes, fire and fog – . Millimeterwave imaging is applied to detection of weapons under clothes, discovery of victims in afflicted area, and monitoring of driving environment. High sensitivity and wideband are demanded In the suggested method of matching detector and generator sections a waveguide bridge consisting of an unmatched double T-joint is used. The peculiarities of the method consist in the accuracy of matching and the frequency range depending practically only on the quality

Looking into living cell systems: Planar waveguide NMR detector hyphenated with a microfluidic device for the in vitro metabolomics of tumor spheroids
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The complex cell metabolism and its link to signaling pathways have received huge interest within the last years. But the lack of advanced analytical tools for the investigation of living cell metabolism is still a challenge to be faced. Therefore, we designed and fabricated a

Design of Waveguide -Input Millimeter-wave Detector Module
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A waveguide -input detector module is developed and the design technique is introduced in this paper. Detector circuits are commercially used for RF power meters and for passive millimeterwave imaging systems. Millimeter-wave imaging systems have developed by

Waveguide -integrated single-photon detector for telecom wavelength on silicon nitride platform
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Silicon nitride (Si3N4) waveguides provide low optical absorption in the infrared and visible wavelength region, good mechanical properties, as well as compatibility with a superconducting niobium nitride (NbN) thin film deposition process. Furthermore, silicon

Silicon- Waveguide based Silicide Schottky-Barrier Infrared Detector for on-Chip Applications
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NE of the key components of Si photonics is the integrated photodetector (PD) sensitive to the long-haul communication wavelengths (1.30, 1.55 m). Germanium/silicon heterostructures have been commonly considered due to its low direct bandgap energy