waveguide diplexer

In this paper, a coupled resonator waveguide diplexer operating in frequency range 11.5-14 GHz is presented. The diplexer structure consists of a waveguide E-plane T-junction and two waveguide cavity filters whose center frequency are 12.375 GHz and 13.125 GHz. The

The bifurcated E-plane T-junction and its application to waveguide diplexer design
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The bifurcated E-plane T-junction is presented. Its advantages with respect to waveguide diplexer design are: It allows full E-plane height operation, thus permitting good power handling capability, is simple to model, and provides additional tuning parameters for the Waveguide networks for satellite communication often require compact, low cost and low insertion loss diplexers. Diplexers and triplexers with conventional metallic E-plane filters integrated in the septate waveguide sections of E-plane furcated power dividers, have been

Miniaturized Substrate Integrated Waveguide Diplexer Using Open Complementary Split Ring Resonators
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In this paper, two miniaturized planar diplexers based on the substrate integrated waveguide (SIW) structure loaded by open complementary split-ring resonators (OCSRRs) are proposed. The working principle is based on the theory of evanescent mode

Diplexer integration into a Ka-band high-gain gap waveguide corporate-fed slot array antenna
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A multilayer integrated diplexer -antenna array module for Ka-band high capacity point-to- point backhaul links is presented. The proposed module is composed of three unconnected metal layers with a simple mechanical assembly and no electrical contact requirements The new dielectric waveguide diplexer as an alternative to the conventional waveguide diplexer is presented. Crystalline quartz is employed as the dielectric material because of its ultra low loss. The quality factor of the dielectric waveguide resonator becomes 2,000 at A novel high-performance planar diplexer is devel-oped based on the substrate integrated waveguide (SIW) with complementary split-ring resonators (CSRRs) etched on the waveguide surface. The proposed diplexer is operated below the characteristic cutoff A novel integrated leaky-wave antenna du-plexer/ diplexer , based on the CRLH uniform ferrite-loaded open radiating waveguide is introduced, demonstrated and characterized both numerically and experimentally. The duplexing operation, characterized by equal Tx and Rx