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Architecture of a Modular IEEE 802.15. 4a Ultra- Wideband Transmitter
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AbstractAs part of a multi-channel, multi-band evaluation platform for future wireless sensor network applications, an IEEE 802.15. 4a standard conform transmitter is investigated. The paper gives an overview of our transmitter concept and ultra-wide band

Wideband Transmitter with Poly-phase Harmonic Cancellation Method
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ABSTRACT This paper demonstrates 8-path 8-phase harmonic cancellation using two IQ modulators. The poly-phase multi-path technique requires two phase shifters. In the transmitter, a second high frequency wide band phase shifter can be implemented with a

Design And Fabrication Of Uhf Wideband TransmitterWith The Mechanism Of Flexible Frequency Change Using Adf7021
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Abstract: UHF spectrum is used world-wide for land mobile radio systems for commercial, industrial, public safety, and military purposes. Therefore, the studying of UHF transmitter systems is pressing need. A critical element of any transmitter is the frequency synthesizer

A Pulsed-Based, Ultra- Wideband Transmitter
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This research focused on an ultra-wideband (UWB) transmitter fabricated in a 0.18- m SiGe BiCMOS process that uses a tanhshaping technique to generate approximate Gaussian pulses in the 3.1-10.6-GHz band. The MIT UWB architecture uses pulse-based, binary

Intra/Inter Chip Wireless Interconnect System for ULSI (2)-A CMOS Ultra Wideband Transmitter
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The delay time associated with the parasitic resistance, capacitance and inductance of conventional interconnect system will become the primary obstacle for high speed data and clock distribution among different sub-circuits within a chip and among the chips for future

Design and Implementation of Impulse Radio Ultra- Wideband Transmitter
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Abstract: This paper illustrates the simulation, implementation and testing of an UWB transmitter based on Step Recovery Diode (SRD). For testing purposes, a square wave generator has been also implemented based on Colpitts oscillator and a clipping circuit that

OAO wideband transmitter
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This paper is a discussion of a 10 watt 400 MHz FM transmitter developed inhouse by the Radio Frequency Techniques Section of the Space Electronics Branch for OAO-13 and follow-on OAO . The transmitter has a deviation capability of 200 KHz, and operates over a

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