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Present systems allow constant monitoring and require the sensors to be placed in such a way that it limits the patient to his bed. This paper focuses on creating a Health monitoring System using sensors and can help people by providing healthcare services such as

WiFi front end module design for smart phone applications
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Along with the explosive growth of smart phones, a new wave of the mobile device development is on the way, in which the WiFi enabled cellular phone has been taking an extremely important position. Unlike the desk top PC and notebook computers, integrating

Internet of things experiment using esp8266 wifi module thingspeak channel and delphi interface1
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A IoT is called the third wave of the development of information industry after computer and internet. Mass data will be produced during running of the IoT. Internet of Things (IoT) is the ability of a system which can be connected with many sensor output through the Internet or a

Design of a Power Meter for RISC Architecture Having WIFI Wireless Communication Module
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Energy problem is becoming one of the toughest issues nowadays. In order to meet the increased demands regarding energy awareness, we have been developing a new way of representing and interacting with energy in electric products, specifically home appliances

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