Wireless charging of mobile phone using microwave
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Now a days a mobile phones becoming a basic part of our life. this is one of the most important medium for the communication, the mobile phone batteries has always been problem for recharging. Mobile have to be put to recharge after the batteries has drained out

Wireless Charging of Mobile Phone Using Microwaves or Radio Frequency Signals
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Battery life of mobile phone is always been a problem for manufacturers. People are complaining about their mobiles battery life, that they dont have long battery life and they have to charge their phone several times. Portable electronic devices are very popular

System and method for charging mobile devices at a venue
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[0046]. Output charge control 61 is a circuit which enables/disables power to charge an externally Power to outputs 70 phone is disabled during charging of the puck 50 or when the 62 is a 900 MHz FM transceiver used to establish bi-directional wireless communications with

Battery charging device for mobile phone
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or distribution of electric power; H02J50/10 Circuit arrangements or systems for wireless supply or or turn off charging voltage in case that the charging voltage or charging current is Moreover, the sensor detects the remaining charge of the battery and sends indication signal to