wlan module

A Dual-mode Mobile Station Module for WLAN /UMTS Interworking Systems
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The complementary characteristics of 3G cellular networks (such as UMTS) and IEEEs 802.11 wireless LANs (WLANs) have stimulated intensive research efforts to integrate UMTS and WLAN networks. In such integrated networks, a mobile station is able to switch between

A compact thin-film WLAN antenna switching module
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Keep in mind that in order to reduce transmission line and inductor losses, low dissipation factor dielectric substrates still need to be used. Suitable dielectric materials include alumina, low grade GaAs, high resistivity Si, Si coated with SiO2, sapphire, quartz, and other

Fairchild Semiconductor dual-band WLAN module
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Philips Gen6 LDMOS technolo- gy features enhanced RF performance, as well as unparal- leled linearity and power gain. The new LDMOS WiMAX base station also offers high levels of system, requiring less energy to power the network infrastruc- ture so that network operators