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Performance analysis of XBee ZB module based wireless sensor networks
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In this paper, performance analysis of ZigBee networks based on XBee ZB modules have been evaluated in terms of following performance metrics: received signal strength (RSSI), network throughput, packet delay, mesh routing recovery time and energy consumption in

Wireless sensing system for flexible arrayed potentiometric sensor based on XBee module
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In this study, the wireless sensor network (WSN) with ZigBee standard is integrated with the flexible arrayed potentiometric sensor such as flexible arrayed pH sensor and flexible arrayed glucose biosensor that achieve a wireless sensing system. The wireless sensing

Effect of Obstacle Angles on Signal Strength for Different Mounting Elevations of XBee Pro Module in Viral Advertisement System
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This paper presents a study on the effect of obstacle angles on signal strength for different mounting elevations of XBee Pro module . The study has been conducted by using two units of XBee Pro modules which each represents a receiver and a transmitter. The transmitter is

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The technology of E-Metering (Electronic Metering) has gone through rapid technological advancements and there is increased demand for a reliable and efficient Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) system. This synopsis presents the design of a simple wireless ZigBee

Microcontroller based Chat server using XBEE Module
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Current electronics progression has led to many products that have the need to communicate between a series of microcontrollers, whether they be do-it-yourself projects or a commercial product. There are many multiple methods of talking from controller to

Detection and Localization of Wireless Jammer using XBee module
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Now days, wireless technologies has becomes more popular and affordable. In every field eg government sector, education, business, military, medical etc. use of wireless network have been increased which enables broad class of new applications. These applications

Comparative Performance Analysis between nRF24L01+ and XBEE ZB Module Based Wireless Ad-hoc Networks
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Among the common wireless communication modules like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, XBee modules are embedded solutions providing wireless communication standard with self- healing mesh networks, which has longer range than Bluetooth and lower power

Wireless Energy Monitoring in Biped Robot Based on Xbee RF Module
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For mobile and humanoid robots, in the field of analysis, conservation, data monitoring, and management of the energy, the need of real time wireless communication for data to access and control is important. Wireless technology, which is widely used not only in close range

Creating a Smart Energy Device Using Digis XBee ® SE RF Module
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Introduction Overview The ZigBee Smart Energy public profile is a collection of device descriptions and functionality that enables utilities to intelligently manage energy loads, monitor energy usage and optimize consumption in a secure environment Digi International has created the XBee