concentrating solar power

Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) technologies use mirrors to concentrate (focus) the sun’s light energy and convert it into heat to create steam to drive a turbine that generates electrical power.

Concentrating solar power free download Is solar power the answer to the ever-growing problems of global warming and depleting fossil fuel supplies In the first of two articles Hans Müller-Steinhagen and Franz Trieb explain the principles and development of concentrated solar power and outline its

Global potential of concentrating solar power free download The paper presents an analysis of the technical potential of concentrating solar power (CSP) on a global scale elaborated within the European project REACCESS. The analysis is based on the annual direct normal irradiation data (DNI) provided by NASA Surface

Concentrating solar power now free download General calculation parameters: 200 MW parabolic trough steam cycle, solar only plant yields 445 GWh/y, hybrid plant in medium load, solar share 45%, annual electricity 1000 GWh/y, investment 425 M discount rate 3.5%(real), economic life 25 years, fuel cost

Concentrating solar power for seawater desalination free download All MENA countries have an outstanding potential for solar energy. Using concentrating solar thermal power (CSP) plants to power seawater desalination either by electricity or in combined generation with process steam to solve the water scarcity problem in MENA is a

Review of optical software for use in concentrating solar power systems free download A review of the main software tools used in the optical design, analysis and optimisation of central receivers systems has been performed. The review was performed using all the resources available to a post graduate researcher. The functionality of the codes was

Physical properties of solid particle thermal energy storage media for concentrating solar power applications free download Solid ceramic particles have proven to be an effective heat transfer and thermal storage media for central receiver power production for a heat input temperature up to 1000 C. In the directly illuminated solid particle receiver, a cascade of~ 0.1-1 mm diameter particles is

Water issues of concentrating solar power (CSP) electricity in the US Southwest free download As the 111th Congress considers energy and climate legislation, the land and water impacts of renewable technologies are receiving greater attention. The cumulative impact of installing numerous thermoelectric power plants on the water resources of the Southwest, a

Design considerations for concentrating solar power tower systems employing molten salt free download Abstract The Solar Two Project was a United States Department of Energy sponsored project operated from 1996 to 1999 to demonstrate the coupling of a solar power tower with a molten nitrate salt as a heat transfer media and for thermal storage. Over all, the Solar Two

Optical characterization of reflector material for concentrating solar power technology free download In order to evaluate the quality and suitability of reflector materials for concentrating solar power (CSP) applications a measuring procedure has been developed for the determination of optical key values. These were defined for their relevance in CSP as the solar weighted

Optimization of thermal energy storage integration strategies for peak power production by concentrating solar power plants free download The integration of thermal energy storage systems in concentrating solar thermal power plants allows power production to be shifted from times where there is low demand to periods where electricity prices are higher. Although increasing the total investment, thermal

Model development and annual simulation of the supercritical carbon dioxide Brayton cycle for concentrating solar power applications free download Page 1. Model Development and Annual Simulation of the Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Brayton Cycle for Concentrating Solar Power Applications by William Seidel A thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Science (Mechanical Engineering) at

Assessment of concentrating solar power technology cost and performance forecasts free download In 2002 and 2003, Sargent Lundy undertook a review of the cost of electricity generation using concentrating solar power (CSP) technology. The study was done for the United States Department of Energy (USDOE) and National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Benchmark of concentrating solar power plants: Historical, current and future technical and economic development free download This paper compares the evolution of Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) Plants. The study is based on a data of 240 CSP plants whose give us a roadmap of technical and economic characteristics of these systems. On the basis of this information collected from the literature

The role of concentrating solar power and photovoltaics for climate protection free download In this paper we discuss the role of concentrating solar power (CSP) and photovoltaics (PV) for reaching cost-optimal energy related greenhouse gas abatement under the constraint of a 2 C climate protection target. We use the hybrid energy-economy-climate model ReMIND

Concentrating Solar Power /Energy from waste hybrid plants-creating synergies free download Tightening environmental legislation and landfill restrictions require waste management companies to increase their environmental sustainability. Several options exist to meet these targets, such as increased reuse and recycling. Modern Energy from Waste (EfW) plants are

Potential of concentrating solar power in Canada free download In this paper, results of an analysis to assess the potential of concentrating solar thermal power applications in Canada are presented. First, a direct normal solar resource (DNI) resource map for Canada is introduced. This map indicates the locations where the DNI is

Analysis of a concentrating solar power tower operating with a closed Joule Brayton cycle and thermal storage free download In this paper, a solar tower power plant with a closed Joule-Brayton cycle, of 5 MW rate power with molten salts thermal storage, located in Seville is presented. The peculiarity of the cycle, using air like fluid work, is to vary, by an auxiliary compressor and a vent valve, the

The effects of nanoparticle augmentation of nitrate thermal storage materials for use in concentrating solar power applications free download As technology has marched inexorably forward, methods of generating electricity have been crucial to the advancement of science and improving lives everywhere. The vast majority of the electricity generated in the world today is created using limited resources, such as fossil

Evaluation of composite alumina nanoparticle and nitrate eutectic materials for use in concentrating solar power plants free download The focus of this research was to create and characterize high temperature alumina and nitrate salt eutectic nanofluids for use in thermal energy storage (TES) systems. The nitrate eutectic was originally used in the TES system demonstrated as part of the Solar Two power

Combined water and electricity production on industrial scale in the MENA countries with concentrating solar power free download This paper presents some results from the EU-financed project MED-CSD in which technical and economic feasibility studies for water and power plants driven by concentrated solar power (CSP) were carried out in specific locations within selected MENA countries. On one