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There are 3 types of electric vehicle: Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV), Plugin Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) and Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) and each are described in more detail below. With 39 electric vehicles available in Canada there is a good chance there is one that meets your requirements.
Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV)
A battery electric vehicle (BEV) runs entirely using an electric motor and battery, without the support of a traditional internal combustion engine, and must be plugged into an external source of electricity to recharge its battery. Like all electric vehicles, BEVs can also recharge their batteries through a process known as regenerative braking, which uses the vehicle’s electric motor to assist in slowing the vehicle, and to recover some of the energy normally converted to heat by the brakes.

No emissions
No gas or oil changes
Ability to conveniently charge at home
Shorter range than gasoline vehicles, although most people drive well within the range of today’s BEV and could rent a hybrid for the rare long trips.

electric vehicle Mercymount
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With the support of Mr. Mongillio, the Macari fund and Jim Lynch (mechanic for Lorusso Construction) as well as Bob and Bryan from Electric Vehicle of America

Hybrid Electric Vehicles
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HEV Hybrid Electric Vehicle . A vehicle that has two or more energy conversion technologies combined with one or more energy storage units. HEV Objectives.

The Present and Future of Hybrid and Electric Vehicles
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Why does society need/want hybrid and electric vehicles Current status of EVs and HEVs. The general structure and functionality of HEVs. New developments

The electric car Chicago-Kent College of Law
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1832 Robert Anderson invents a non-rechargeable electric carriage. 1835 Thomas Davenport builds the first practical electric vehicle and receiving a patent for

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Battery electric vehicle invented by Thomas Davenport, Robert Anderson, others using non-rechargeable batteries; Davenports car holds all

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Develop a high-end, high performance sports car to prove that electric vehicles are both stylish and efficient. Use the sports car to develop core intellectual

Everything You Wanted to Know About Hybrids
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LEVELS OF HYBRID VEHICLES . Full hybrid. They feature idle-stop function; Regenerative braking; Most are capable of using the electric motor alone to propel

Project Slides
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Hybrid Electric Vehicles . ADVANTAGES OF ALTERNATIVE FUELS; SHOW CASES. In the EU, transport is responsible for an estimated 21% of all greenhouse

what is regenerative braking
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SEMINAR II Regenerative braking is a benefit of hybrid electric vehicles , whereby some of the translational energy of the vehicle is captured and returned to

Electric Vehicle Auto Rickshaw
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Electric Vehicle . Electric 3 wheeler manufactured by. LOVSON. Product Presentation of. Head Off : 9 Bajaj Bhavan, Nariman Point Mumbai 400 02 INDIA.

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Presentation ITU
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Management. Road Safety and Security; Linking Vehicle and Transport. Infrastructure COM Report on Delegation. electric vehicles .

Wireless Charging System ITU
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Transfer electric power to mobile nearby devices (less than several Developing power transfer system in vehicles ; Charging distance: 0.05m.

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Electricity is used as fuel in the form of batteries and fuel cells. around; For fuel cells, if hydrogen is used it can have a longer range vehicle with no emissions.

Automotive Electronics
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Automotive Market and trends; Characteristics of Electronics in a car ; Automotive Electric modules see this car -battery voltage, which is further disturbed by

Liquid Nitrogen Vehicle Seminar.doc 123Seminarsonly.com
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Liquid Nitrogen Vehicle is a ingenious vehicle which uses Cryogenic fluid (liquid (Presently the battery powered electric vehicle is the only commercially October 4 6 Fort Worth, Texas Meeting ID: TSF0 abstract #EC.00 10/2001.

PowerPoint Presentation Why IC engines Professor Paul
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Internal Combustion Engines: The Worst Form of Vehicle Propulsion Except for All the Other and/or dogmatic information about ICEs; This seminars messages Plug-in hybrid: half-way between conventional hybrid and electric vehicle engine (http://www.lycoming.com/engines/series/pdfs/Specialty%20insert. pdf )

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Hydrogen Fuel Cells; Electric Vehicles ; Hybrid Cars. Transportation Suggestions. Energy Use For Transportation. While transportation does use 27% of our

Fuel Cells
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One cell is like a 1 Volt battery; BUT we can easily produce 500 to 000 amps of electricity !!! To power a car we need about 100 VoltsWhat do we do +.

Energy Storage My FIT (my.fit.edu)
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Batteries are traditional for small systems and electric vehicles ; grid storage is a or in a case containing several cells; a 12V car battery has six 2V cells inside the . http://www.aip.org/isns/ reports /2001/025.html on compressed air storage.

Solar Car Project
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Topics . PEP-II Status; Lessons learned from the two B-Factories; PEP-II luminosity keeping the present RF frequency 476 MHz but allowed to change IR and

iecee cb scheme
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SEMINAR ON UNDERSTANDING AND IMPLEMENTING. Photovoltaics, Safety transformers and similar equipment, Portable tools, Electric Toys and IECEE PV. CONFORMITY ASSESSMENT REPORT . C.A.R. . e.g IEC 61215.

Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engine (H2ICE) The McKetta
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Electricity and Hydrogen; Efficiencies around 42% with hopes to 60% A. Fact #415: March 13 Changes in Vehicles per Capita around the World. Energy Feasibility and Final Energy Innovations Small Grant Report Prepared for

IT Initiatives on IR Indian Railway
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Reports giving passengers travelled and earnings realized train-wise for each class . No Of Electric Locomotives 2930 Other Coaching Vehicles 904.

Introduction to Sensors
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Charge, Voltage, Current, Electric Field (amplitude, phase, Vibrations, blasts, impacts, shock waves; Air bags, washing machines, heart monitors, car alarms.

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Today CARs are not only used for personal Transport but they are Electric Sensors monitor the wheel speed; ABS microprocessor Compares the wheel speed

Hydrogen Fuel Cells
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HFCs generate electricity by reduction and oxidation reactions within the cell. Power sources for vehicles such as cars, trucks, buses and even boats and

Electrical Component Concepts
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Electricity ; Fuses; Relays; Solenoids; Electrical Testing Electricity is based on a theory- an unseen force because the energy itself cannot be seen, heard,

Energy Efficiency
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An electric motor consumes 100 watts (a joule per second (J/s)) of power to obtain 90 25% Of the gasoline is used to propel a car , the rest is lost as heat.

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Dextrous, electric motor driven robot arm . Braitenberg vehicles : differential drive mobile robots with two light sensors. Complex Abstract task planning layer.