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An electricity meter is a device that measures the amount of electric energy consumed by a residence, a business, or an electrically powered device. Electric utilities use electric meters installed at customers’ premises for billing purposes

electric meter, electrical meter, or energy meter

Advanced metering initiatives and residential feedback programs: a meta-review for household electricity -saving opportunities
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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY A variety of new feedback initiatives are making energy resources visible to residential consumers throughout the United States (and many other developed countries). As summarized in the chart below, these initiatives are opening the door to

Smart metering and electricity demand: Technology, economics and international experience
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In recent years smart metering of electricity demand has attracted attention around the world. A number of countries and regions have started deploying new metering systems; and many others have set targets for deployment or are undertaking trials. Across the board advances

End-use metering campaign in 400 households In Sweden Assessment of the Potential Electricity Savings
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The Swedish Energy Agency has financed the project, End-use metering campaign in 400 households in Sweden, assessment of the potential electricity savings . The project is a part of the agencies program, Improved energy statistics in buildings and industry . In this

Smart electricity metering as an energy efficiency instrument: Comparative analyses of regulation and market conditions in Europe
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Abstract The new European Directive on Energy End-use Efficiency and Energy Services (ESD)) states the importance of installing metering and billing systems allowing consumers to regulate and steer their consumption. Extra information provided by

A review of net metering mechanism for electricity renewable energy sources.
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In this work, an overview of the net metering mechanism for renewable energy sources for power generation (RES-E) systems is carried out. In particular, the net metering concept is examined with its benefits and misconceptions. Furthermore, a survey of the current

Efficiency and equity effects of electricity metering : evidence from Colombia
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I show that provision of electricity meters leads to a large reduction in electricity consumption over the first four months following meter installation. This is consistent with previous overconsumption by unmetered users facing a zero marginal price. However, it also reflects

Responding to EPAct 2005: Looking at Smart Meters for Electricity , Time-Based Rate Structures, and Net Metering
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The Energy Policy Act of 2005 (EPAct 2005) renews and expands the federal governments practice of requiring that state regulators consider the case for the adoption of certain ratemaking standards. Specifically, EPAct 2005 has added five new standards to the 10

Prospects for Smart Metering in the UK in Jamasb, T., Pollitt, M and Nuttall, W (Eds) Future Technologies for a Sustainable Electricity System
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Future Technologies for a Sustainable Electricity System. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. ISBN 10: 0521860490 Title: Prospects

Using TETRA for remote control, supervision and electricity metering in an electric power distribution system
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An important part of the communication infrastructure in systems that cover large geographic areas and require maintenance and management of devices on remote locations-such as electric power distribution systems-is mobile radio communication. This is especially

Dynamic time-of-use electricity pricing for residential demand response: Design and analysis of the Low Carbon London smart- metering trial
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This thesis describes the trial design and analysis of the Low Carbon London (LCL) residential dynamic Time-of-Use (dToU) trial. This trial investigated the potential for dToU tariffs to deliver residential demand response to the Supplier, where it may contribute to

How smart are electricity users with Smart Metering A Behavioural Economics experiment
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The purpose of this paper is to examine how behavioural biases affect consumers response to energy-use information provided through smart meters (SM). We take insights from behavioural economics and carry out two real-life experiments with SMs and electricity

Embedded system based prepaid electricity metering billing
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Electricity theft is common in India. This leads to monetary loss to the supply company and energy wastage due to misuse of electricity . Just like we recharge our mobiles with some amount and are entitled to talk until we run out of balance in our account. The balance is

Evaluation of Broadband PLC for Electricity Metering with the Field Trial
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The paper presents the measurement results of broadband PLC (BB-PLC) technology from a field trial. They were obtained with a help of the traffic measurement and analysis tool (tmaTool), which allows planning, execution and monitoring of the measurement as well as

Inadequate and poor electricity metering affect energy efficiency end-user behaviour in Nigeria
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Electricity metering has been identified as one of technologies where end-use energy efficiency can particularly be encouraged in households through its impact on tenants behaviour. Inadequate metering is one of the immediate obstacles facing Nigeria power

Impacts of feed-in tariff and metering types on electricity consumption efficiency in Australia
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Small scale renewable energy technology mainly includes rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV) panels for electricity generation at household level. Solar feed-in tariff (FiT) is meant to encourage households to alleviate import from electricity grid especially during peak

Ensuring Electricity Metering Accuracy and Consumer Confidence in a Changing Market
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Executive Summary In 1999, Measurement Canada initiated an electricity trade sector review (ETSR) with a view to modifying the agencys methods of intervention in standard setting, approval, inspection, dispute and complaint settlement and compliance monitoring

Low-Cost wireless electricity metering system with User-Friendly interface
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Excessive energy consumption, electricity in particular, is becoming a major concern in present day society, not only due to economical but also due to environmental issues. Over the past years, regulations have been applied to manufacturers, instructing them to produce

Remote Electricity Metering and Billing Using Ni Labview Software
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Remote metering system is a state of the art technology for reading electric meter readings automatically from a remote place without any human intervention. Remote measuring system gives accurate and fast response and billing system. The main advantages of this

Microcontrollers Fit the Bill for Electricity Metering
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While a century of refinement has made the kilowatthour meter one of the most reliable mechanical products in wide production, it remains a mechanical device prone to wear, shock and other events that affect anything with moving parts. Another limitation is that the

An innovative low-cost device for electricity metering services
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The paper presents a prototype of cost-effective device mandated to identify, classify and measuring typical disturbances characterizing the quality of power supply systems. In particular, variations from the nominal root-mean-square value of the voltage signal, referred



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