Four Quadrant DC Motor Control



Four Quadrant Operation of Chopper Fed Separately Excited DC Motor by Decoupled PWM Control Using Digital Signal Processor
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DC Motors are used extensively in adjustable speed drives and position control applications. This paper proposes a method to control the speed and direction control of a DC motor by using a four quadrant DC – DC chopper. The speed below the base speed can

Separately Excited DC Motor Speed Control Using Four Quadrant Chopper
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The speed of separately excited DC motor can be controlled from below and up to rated speed using chopper as a converter. The chopper firing circuit receives signal from controller and then chopper gives variable voltage to the armature of the motor for achieving

Digital Control Strategy for Four Quadrant Operation of DC Motor using DSPIC30F4011
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The Microcontroller based adjustable closed-loop DC motor speed controller systems has already become an important drive configuration for many applications across a wide range of power and speed. This is due to their simple control , high reliability, low cost and fast

Three-Closed-Loop Control of Four – Quadrant Chopper Feeding a Separately Excited DC Motor
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DC motors are widely used in many position control applications due to its properties such as low cost, high efficiency, easy controllability and successful performance. In this paper, firstly, DC motor to be used is modeled in a simulation environment. Afterwards, four

Four Quadrant Speed Control of DC Motor with the Help of AT89S52 Microcontroller
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Speed control of a machine is the most vital and important part in any industrial organization. This paper is designed to develop a four quadrant speed control system for a DC motor using microcontroller. The motor is operated in four quadrants ie clockwise, counter clock

Simulation of Speed Control of Brushless DC Motor for Four Quadrant Operation
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Brushless DC (BLDC) motor drives are becoming more popular in industrial, traction applications. This makes the control of BLDC motor in all the four quadrants very vital. This paper deals with the conventional control of three phase BLDC motor . The BLDC motor is

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In this paper present four quadrant speed control model is designed by using chopper to control the speed of DC motor . The designed model provide four quadrant speed control of DC motor in both direction, ie. clockwise direction, counter-clockwise direction along with

Four – quadrant control of C-dump converter-fed permanent-magnet brushless DC motor drive system
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This paper presents the operational and design characteristics of the C-dump converter-fed permanent-magnet brushless DC motor (PMBDCM) drive for four – quadrant performance. The C-dump converter, which has one switch per phase, is present for use in the control of a