high voltage-2020

High voltage is defined by the DOE Electrical Safety Guidelines as over 600 volts. Generally considered to be a wire or cable with an operating voltage of over 600 volts. Any electric potential capable of producing breakdown in air at STP, or around 600volts. A voltage higher than that used for power distribution.

A Modified Y-Source DC/DC Converter with High Voltage -Gains and Low Switch Stresses
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This letter proposes a modified Y-source DC/DC converter, which features higher voltage – gains but lower voltage stresses on the components. Moreover, the proposed converter draws a continuous current from the dc input with much control flexibility (ie, a wide range of

High – voltage Driver with a Switch-capacitor Cell and a Current-sensing Resister for Implementing Functions of Zero- voltage Switching and Overcurrent
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In this paper, a high – voltage driver with a switch-capacitor cell and a current-sensing resistor for implementing the functions of zero- voltage switching (ZVS) and overcurrent protection is proposed. It has the following advantages:(1) By using a switch-capacitor cell for

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Due to extra effective control on emissions of carbon gas and economic benefits, Fuel cell EV is evolving into more favourite in the vehicle industry. Now-adays pollution is one of the important factors to reduce for better life. This paper introduces a neural network system

Porous Structure Formation of Oxide Coatings on the Aluminium Alloys using High Voltage Electrochemical Oxidation
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The problems of obtaining a nanoporous structure on aluminum alloys using the method of high – voltage electrochemical oxidation (HVEO) are considered. The method allows eliminating the disadvantages of the known methods of oxidation. HVEO technique is

Influence of High – Voltage Electromagnetic Pulses on Technological Properties of Diamond Crystals and Kimberlite Rock-Forming Minerals
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For optimization of diamond processing technology the influence of nanosecond high voltage pulses on mechanical and technological properties of diamond crystals and kimberlite rock-forming minerals (calcite, olivine, serpentine) was investigated. Using

Achievement of Current Pulses of High Amplitude Using a Voltage Pulse Generator
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This paper presents a comprehensive project aim-ing to achieve high amplitude current impulses using a high voltage generator (GIT) as a power supply. To obtain impulse currents with GIT, a wide range of simulations has been carried out to obtain the optimal parameters Cascaded H-bridges (CHBs) based solid-state transformer (SST) consists of CHBs and dual active bridge (DAB) converters. Series-resonant DAB converters (SRCs) are widely used for its advantages of soft switching characteristic and simple control. However, the high