humidity controller

humidity control controller is with wide humidity measuring range and controlling range, comes with a humidity controller sensor probe with cable. Hunidity sensor uses a high-precision capacitive faster chip which has the advantage of high accuracy to refect. Humidity measuring range is 1 percent ~ 99 percent rh and control range is 1 percent rh. Humidification and dehumidification can be set through the menu, the parameters has been set the power outage permanent memory function. Specification: Humidity measuring range: 1 percentrh ~ 99 percent rh humidity measuring error: ±3 percentrh control range: 1 percentrh

Humidity controllers are micro-controller based highly versatile controllers for combined control of temperature and humidity. … Control parameters are user configurable on site. These controllers can accept input from different type of Humidity sensors as well as RTD sensor for Dry Bulb / Wet Bulb measurement technique.

Design of a room temperature and humidity controller using fuzzy logic
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This research paper describes the design of a room temperature and humidity controller using fuzzy logic. The proposed model consists of two fuzzy logic controllers to control temperature and humidity respectively. The first controller accepts two input values-the

Humidity control for swine buildings in cold climate- Part II: Development and evaluation of a humidity controller .
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An existing heating and ventilation controller was provided with an experimental humidity sensor and a new temperature- humidity control (THC) strategy. The controller regulated the ventilation

A relative humidity controller for experimental turkey housing
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A relative humidity controller for experimental turkey housing. A conventional temperature-based fan controller was modified so that it could be used to modulate fan speed on the basis of relative humidity . The

Design of Fuzzy Logic Controller for Humidity Control in Greenhouse
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In the present paper, a fuzzy logic controller was designed to control the humidity inside the greenhouse. This controller can handle two inputs, two outputs and 27 fuzzy rules, also the facility for monitoring the inside and outside humidity was provided. The internal humidity

Decoupled HAVC system via non-linear decoupling algorithm to control the parameters of humidity and temperature through the adaptive controller
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Control methodologies could achieve better comfort conditions of heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, however, the application of classical controllers is unsatisfactory as HVAC systems are non-linear and the control variables such as

A design and simulation of fuzzy PID controller for the optimization of temperature and humidity in the thermodynamic system
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The article describes modern methods of controlling for the optimization of continuous technological processes. Naturally, it is necessary to make provision for the level of technologies, which in recent times make use of the modern means of controlling

Temperature and Humidity Laboratory Remote Controller
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This paper describes a temperature and humidity laboratory remote controller where the user can pre-adjust temperature and humidity conditions and tolerances at will. In addition it records temperature and humidity variations. The controller can be easily adapted to

Design of Fuzzy-PI Decoupling Controller for the Temperature and Humidity Process in HVAC System
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Ensuring the comfortable air quality for people, using the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system, in the commercial center buildings or underground infrastructures is extremely important. This is directly related to the design of the controllers

Development of a seasonal smart ventilation controller to reduce indoor humidity in hot-humid climate homes
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Controlling indoor humidity is important in homes, because high indoor humidity is associated with occupant health and building durability issues. Ventilation is often used to avoid peaks of moisture in homes, such as in kitchens and bathrooms. However, in hot

Temperature/ Humidity Control System Based on Micro Controller Unit in the Room of Bikrams Yoga
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Article Preview Article Preview Article Preview This thesis has designed a temperature/ humidity remote system which takes Micro controller Unit AT89S51 as the core control unit. The system consists of Micro controller Unit, SHT75 temperature/ humidity

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The task of maintaining the permissible grain humidity level on long storage in elevator consuming less energy using programmable logic controller and humidity sensors is solving. The pseudofluidization grain drying method using supplementary heat in

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This paper presents an approach to fuzzy type-2 proportional integral derivative (PID) controls for humidity process. Humidity affects product quality as well as human comfort. An experimental setup for humidifying process was developed and a suitable black box model

Controller for a pressure and humidity instrument in Martian atmosphere
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This thesis presents a novel approach for controlling these instruments, by developing flight software for performing measurements with the DREAMS-P pressure and DREAMS-H humidity instruments. This design utilizes a commercial automotive microcontroller unit

Reducing the Electrical Consumption in the Humidity Control Process for Electric Cells using an Intelligent Fuzzy Logic Controller
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The electrical energy distribution uses a huge network to cover the urbanized areas. The network distribution incorporates an important number of electrical cells that ensure the energy transformation. These cells play a fundamental role to ensure a permanent feeding

(Cattle Technology Card) Android-based with RFID for Livestock Data Collection Management and Temperature, Humidity and Ammonia Gas Controller in
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One of the steps to realize selfsufficiency of beef is improvement management of cattle farm that still done conventionally with individual ownership using paper, not using RFID, the absence of control and monitoring the condition of the cage (temperature, humidity

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