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A Marx generator is a type of electrical circuit whose purpose is to generate a high-voltage pulse by a number of capacitors that are charged in parallel and then connected in series by spark gap switches.

A Marx generator is a type of electrical circuit first described by Erwin Otto Marx in 1924 whose purpose is to generate a high-voltage pulse. It is extensively used for simulating the effects of lightning during high voltage and aviation equipment testing. A bank of 36 Marx generators is used by Sandia National Laboratories to generate X-rays in their Z Machine. It can also be used as an ignition switch for thermonuclear devices.

Portable Marx generator for microplasma applications
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There are many applications using pulsed power such as the triggering of high speed cameras and spectrometers, the processing or chemical analysis of minute material, and the stimulation of cells by electrical pulses. The pulse width and voltage required for each

The Use of a Distributed Peaking Capacitor and Marx Generator for Increasing Current Rise Rates and the Electric Field for Lightning Simulation
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One of the problems which has always been evident in the use of Marx generators for lightnling simulation is the difficulty of obtaining fast rates of current rise and electric field* excitation for the system under test. In a paper published in last years proceedings, we

Practical simulation and modelling of lightning impulse voltage generator using marx circuit
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Standard impulse waveform have similar characteristics as that of lightning strike and can be used for testing the strength of electrical equipment. For producing high voltage pulses Marx generator is the most popular and is most widely used method. This thesis describes the

Fast Marx Generator for directly driving a virtual cathode oscillator
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High-power microwaves (HPM) are produced by relativistic electron beams from virtual cathode oscillators (vircators). HPM can be generated by many devices; the least complex among them is the vircator. To power (drive) the Vircator, a pulsed source of power greater

Development of a fast Marx generator for high power ultra wideband pulse radiation
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Recently, there has been considerable interest in high power microwave (HPM) sources for many military and civilian applications, such as target identification, detection of buried targets, humanitarian demining, nonlethal directed energy weaponry and also susceptibility

Compact Self-loaded Marx Generator with Integrated Pulse-forming line for an Ultra-wideband source
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Wideband and ultra-wideband (UWB) technologies have achieved notable progress in recent years. The advent of many UWB sources capable of producing output powers in the GW range allows managing real investigations of the susceptibility of electronic systems and

State space analysis and optimization of Marx generator
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We introduce in this thesis a set of procedures through which a user is given the ability to choose a particular desired output behavior from the circuit he is operating and obtain in return the corresponding set of design parameters that yield the requested output. We will

Numerical simulation of the Marx Generator behavior on nonlinear load-high-current vacuum diode
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One of the microsecond high-current beam generation techniques is the implementation of Marx Generator (MG) discharge on the cold diode working under explosive electron emission condition. However at the pointed above-mentioned condition such a diode is a

A repetitive PFN- Marx generator based on an innovative design for compactness and rise time improvement
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A repetitive PFN- MARX generator based on an innovative design for compactness and rise time improvement Session

of Load Peak Voltage, Power Consumption and Potential Energy Management in a Thyristor Controlled Marx Impulse Generator for Capacitor Discharge
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Calculation of the load peak voltage, potential energy and power consumption of a Marx impulse generator , as a function of time, are presented. The equations are generalized and can be used to the design of any type of n-stage Marx impulse generator . The results were A compact modular Marx generator of a unique low inductance design for application in oil or gas insulated systems is described and test results presented. Marx generator dc charge voltage is 100 kV, balanced with respect to ground. Pressurized gas (sulfur hexafluoride-SF

Marx generator and reflex triode based high power pulsed microwave source
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A compact repetitive Marx generator and a High Power Microwave (HPM) source based on a matched reflex triode has been developed and tested. The Marx generator rated at 1 kJ, 300 kV, 12 kA, 10 Hz, is suitable to drive the reflex triode directly. Bipolar charging of the

Study of an Ultra-Compact, Repetitive Marx Generator for High-Power Microwave Applications
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The need for repetitive high-power microwave systems, for instance within the scope of convoy protection, requires the availability of compact, repetitive pulsed-power generators. The development and the first experimental results of an upgraded balanced ISL Marx

A Flash X-Ray System Based on Flat Pulse Marx Generator and an Industrial Pinch Diode for Radiographic Applications
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A compact flash X-Ray generation system using Folded Pulse Forming Line type Marx generator rated for 225kV, 5kA, 100ns; in conjunction with an industrial pinch diode has been developed at APPD, BARC. The pinch diode with pencil shaped tungsten anode

Relaxational Solution of Transient Problem of Marx Surge Generator Circuit
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This paper deals with the appllcfltion of relaxation method of obtammg a number of useful information at different instants during the tran! lient period of Marx ~ urge g, cnerator. In this connection the differential equatJon lDvoived 10 the saId ClfCUlt b solved by transforming a Abstract In 1923, Erwin Marx invented a pulse generator based on a capacitor discharge, now known as Marx generator . Capacitors are charged in parallel connection and discharged in series connection for voltage multiplication. The arrangement of components

Marx prototype pulse generator design and initial results
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Injection kicker system must be highly reliable;➢ The baseline injection energy for the FCC-hh is 3.3 TeV;➢ For machine protection reasons, a maximum of 80-100 bunches can be accepted by the injection protection system and hence safely transferred into FCC at a

Fast Rise-time Marx Generator Switch Design and Measurement
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This paper introduces the concept and working principle of Marx generator and its gas switches. According to the theoretical basis, we studied the impact of the relative position of gas switches to its synchrony. Through to the isolation of the switch, we found that ultraviolet

High-Voltage Pulse Generator Based on Pulse Transformer and Marx Generator
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The paper presents a novel high-voltage pulse generator system based on pulse transformer and Marx generator . This system comprises mainly a Marx generator , which is charged to a high voltage by a pulse transformer. To verify the viability of this technology

Pulsed Corona Discharge Generated By Marx Generator
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The pulsed plasma has a significant role in new environmental protection technologies. As a part of a pulsed corona system for pollution control applications, Marx type repetitive pulse generator was constructed and tested in arrangement with wire-plate corona reactor. We

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