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Over voltage protection is a power supply feature which shuts down the supply, or clamps the output, when the voltage exceeds a preset level. Most power supplies use an over-voltage protection circuit to prevent damage to the electronic components.

Design and development of a low cost automatic transfer switch (ATS) with an over – voltage protection
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Erratic power supply owing to inability of public power supply utilities to meet the demands of the populace has necessitates the need for an alternative or emergency source of power supply (such as generator set). In this case, transfer switch is usually used to transfer

Generator Stator Protection , under/ over voltage , under/ over frequency and unbalanced loading
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Stator winding faults: These types of faults occur due to the insulation breakdown of the stator coils. Different types of stator windings faults are: a) phase to earth fault b) phase to phase fault c) inter turn fault Phase to earth fault are limited by resistance of the neutral

Using Voltage Supervisor for Input Over – Voltage Protection in LED Drivers
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Lighting electronics meant for AC-DC applications tend to get subjected to input line variations leading to sustained over – voltage on the driving circuitry. Metal oxide varistors (MOVs) meant for suppressing the transients fail at such sustained over – voltage leading to

Implementationof Single Phasing, Over Voltage , Under Voltage , Protection of Three Phase Appliances without Using Microcontroller
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This paper tends to develop for protection for costly appliances which require three-phase AC supply for operation. Failure of any of the phases or sudden change in voltage makes the appliance prone to erratic functioning and may even lead to failure. Hence it is of

Op Amp Output Phase-Reversal and Input Over – Voltage Protection
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Output voltage phase-reversal is a problem that occurs in some op amps when the input common-mode (CM) voltage is exceeded. It is usually caused when one of the internal stages of the op amp no longer has sufficient bias voltage across it and subsequently turns

Over Voltage Protection Using Crowbar Devices for Low Voltage Loads
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All electronics and electrical instruments can be damaged mainly by voltage transient. This paper present s the development of over voltage protection circuits using crowbar devices such as SCR and TRIAC. Using the gate triggering a silicon controlled rectifier (SCR) and

Surge over – voltage protection for substations
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The protection against line surges entering an electrical substation; or a solitary step-down transformer has been limited to the installation of a conventional line voltage arrester. In theory, that is a practical solution that justifies the practice. However, in practice there are

Design and Realisation of Over – voltage Protection in Push-pull Inverters
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In this paper are presented our research results about possibility of use different types over – voltage protection circuits in push-pull inverters. We first analyzed the conventional passive type RC and RCD over – voltage protection circuits and gave experimental results. After that

Designing and Building an Over Voltage Protection System for a Smart Home
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The aim of this paper is to design and construct an over voltage protection system for a smart home. This system is designed to control the operation of a multi-device according to their priority and the amount of current allowed to be used for each home. The important part of

Implementation of Over – Voltage Under- Voltage Protection System
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The on-time delay circuit not only protects the load from switching surges but also from quick changeover (off and on) effect of over /Here is an inexpensive auto cut-off circuit, which is fabricated using transistor and other discrete components. It can be used to protect loads

Over current and over voltage protection of permanent magnet brushless dc motor using wavelet analysis
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The objective of this paper is to develop Over Current and Over Voltage Protection of Permanent Magnet Brushless DC Motor (PMBLDCM) using Wavelet Analysis. The Motors operating point is continuously changing with time and the motor is never operating at a

Development of a Low Cost Microcontroller Based Under and Over Voltage Protection Device
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This paper presents the design and construction of a low cost under and over voltage protective device, which was fabricated using a microcontroller, transistor, IC and other discrete components. A microcontroller PIC16F877 is at the heart of the device which

An over – voltage protection scheme with very fast response for application in a CSI-fed induction heating prototype
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Over – voltage protection is one of the key issues that needs to be considered in the operation of a current source inverter (CSI). Initially a brief study, on over – voltage protection methods for CSIs used in induction heating application, is presented in this paper. The CSIs are made

Study on Over – Voltage of 220 kV Transformers Neutrals and Protection Strategy
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In order to limit short-circuit current and satisfy the need of relay setting, only part of the 220 kV power transformer is grounded, so on the neutrals of ungrounded transformers will appear the over – voltage . Currently the value of over – voltage on transformer neutral point and

Over Current Protection for High Voltage Gain DC-DC Converter
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This paper introduces a single-switch high voltage gain non isolated dc dc converter containing coupled inductor and diode capacitor techniques. The proposed converter produces extremely large voltage conversion ratio. The energy stored in leakage inductance

A New Approach to Combined under Voltage and Directional Over Current Protection Scheme
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To study the protection scheme of Three Phase transmission line the authors have developed Logic Based Under Voltage and Directional Over Current relay for three phase system. A Novel method for the development of a logic Based Combined Under Voltage and

Unbalanced and over current Fault protection in low voltage DC bus micro grid systems
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Unlike traditional AC distribution systems, protection has been challenging for DC systems. Multi-terminal DC power systems do not have the years of practical experience and standards that AC power systems have. Also, the current power electronic devices cannot

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