Web-based smart home automation : PLC -controlled implementation
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The most important source of motivation in continuity of technological developments is to upgrade human living standards. The technological development provides and increases human-beings safety and comfort directly and indirectly. Developing technologies for this

PLC Based Home Automation System
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The various sensors essential for smart monitoring and control of various electric appliances in real time using programmable logic controller ( PLC ) has been accomplished in the present work. The real time system developed is highly effective, efficient and robust. The

Home Automation using PLC and SCADA
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Home automation is an integral part of modern lives that help to monitor and control the home electrical devices as well as other aspects of the digital home that is expected to be the standard for the future home . Home appliance control system enables house owner to

Addressable Power Control Module for PLC Based Home Automation
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Addressable Power Control Module for PLC Based Home Automation is a system that controls power to be dissipated across a purely resistive load,(ie light bulb) remotely via existing power lines. The system is comprised of three modules, the addressable switch

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This paper deals with the programming part of home automation . We will present a solution based on central PLC which controls all the basic devices in a home . The PLC is connected to buttons and sensors and can activate lights and shutters using relays. We will focus on the

PLC Based Home Automation
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This project aims at automating many home appliances. The appliances are controlled automatically and the functioning of the appliances is controlled by the programmable Logic Controller ( PLC ). As the functioning of the appliances is integrated with the working of PLC

A Proposed Cost Effective Prototype Model for PLC Based GSM Remote Control in Home and Industrial Automation
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Nowadays, wide range of sectors within a community is focusing on the usage of different communication systems to support mobile applications such as, home and industry ensuring the real-time, safe and secure behavior of these systems. Such trends merging mobile value

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