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Portable generators are designed for use outside, are less expensive, and typically supply about 6.5-kilowatts of power. Most generators use either hydrogen, gasoline, propane, or diesel fuel. Hydrogen-fueled models generate power from tap water combined with electricity from a small solar panel or a mini wind turbine.

Wind Power Generator Embodied Energy Payback Analysis for Rural Area in Paraná-Brazil
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Over the last decades, wind energy has been named as a clean method to generate electrical power. But, to claim this argument many aspects must be evaluated. On one hand, wind power, as an electrical energy source, generates minimum environmental impact when

High-power Vibration Generator Using Gyroscopic Effect
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energy harvesting, gyroscope, power generator , vibration A gyroscopic power generator that generates a power of 1.8 W is developed with a rotor of 100 mm diameter and 500 rpm spin speed

An Efficient Active and Reactive Power Control of DFIG for a Wind Power Generator
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During the last decade, wind energy gained much importance as an energy source in power systems. DFIG energy is one of the most widely accepted types of renewable energy generation because of its several benefits. This paper presents a comparative study on the

Oscillating wave energy power generator for lift net fishing boat
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This paper compares several designs of an oscillating wave power generator suitable for local net fishing boat in the waters of Tonyaman in the Strait of Makassar, Indonesia. The designs were based on wave height data for the period of January to December 2016 and of

Dimmer and Neon Transformer as a Power Controllable Generator for Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Jet
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A previous study shown that the APPJ can set to modify the surface properties or wettability of fabric without damaging effects . The result shows that neon transformer-based plasma power generator has the advantage of delivering plasma jet at low current and heat to the

Design and Simulation of Permanent Magnet Linear Generator for Wave Energy Power Plant
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The mover of the proposed linear power generator is devised to increase the change in magnetic, in order to generate power more efficiently In this paper, the fundamental structure of the linear power generator will be described

Intelligent Maximum Power Tracking Control For a Wind Energy System Based on Magnetic Gear Generator
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Neural networks and particle swarm optimization based MPPT for small wind power generator , World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology,

An analysis of fault modes in an electrical power-generation system on a real-time simulator with a real automatic excitation controller of a synchronous
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calculation accuracy and numerical stability . One of the fields of using the hybrid models is power engineering where these models are used as testing tools for control systems [ 4]. In particular, to test an excitation control system of a power generator , the excitation controller