power management-2020

Power management is a feature of some electrical appliances, especially copiers, computers, CPUs, GPUs and computer peripherals such as monitors and printers, that turns off the power or switches the system to a low-power state when inactive.

Robust power management via learning and game design
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We consider the target-rate power management problem for wireless networks and we propose two simple, distributed power management schemes that regulate power in a provably robust manner by efficiently leveraging past information. Both schemes are

Particle Swarm Optimization for Micro-Grid Power Management and Load Scheduling
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ABSTRACT A smart power management strategy is needed to economically manage local production and consumption while maintaining the balance between supply and demand. Finding the best-distributed generators set-points and the best city demand scheduling can

Power Management Circuits for Front-End ASICs
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The instrumentation of radiation detectors for high energy physics calls for the development of very low-noise application-specific integrated-circuits and demanding system-level design strategies, with a particular focus on the minimisation of interference noise from power

Management of Fusion Power Plants
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This chapter outlines the attractive environmental features of nuclear fusion, presents an integral scheme to manage fusion activated materials during operation and after decommissioning, compares the volume of fusion and fission waste, covers the recycling With the dramatic rise of mobile electronic devices usage especially as an effect of the internet-of-things revolution, the demand for energy efficient and small form factor systems raises the need for low power multisource management unit (PMU) for energy strained

A New Framework for Advancement of Power Management Strategies in Hybrid Electric Vehicles
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Power management strategies play a key role in the design process of hybrid electric vehicles. Electric Assist Control Strategy (EACS) is one of the popular power management strategies for hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs). The present investigation proposes a new

Bangladesh Power System Peak Demand Shaving through Demand Side Management of the Battery Operated Easy Bike Load
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Electric vehicle (EV) charging is an important contributor to the peak load of a power system. A survey carried out by the author shows addition of significant load to the grid during peak hour due to the plugging in of batteryoperated three-wheel easy-bikefor their charging