Power Meter billing

The main idea of the project is to modernize our billing system using GSM. … The details of power displaced in the energy meter is transferred to the mobile using GSM and it also shows the units consumed by the load. … The main idea of the project is to modernize our billing

The conventional method of electricity billing involves a person from the distribution unit reading the number of units of electricity consumed in the energy meter, conveying this information to the distribution unit and then preparing the bill according to the units consumed for a fixed amount of time.

An approach to automate power meter reading billing system
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The research proposes a solution to implement Automated Power Meter Reading Billing System for bringing smart governance in power /energy supply departments. The system suggests use of GPRS/IP enabled Power Meters at consumer sites which shall be

Post-paid Wireless Meter Reading System for Automatic Power Controlling Consumption Billing Applications
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Traditional metering method for retrieving the energy data is not convenient and the cost of the data logging systems is high. So this paper presents of design and development of Automatic meter reading (AMR) system. AMR system is a boom for remote monitoring and

An Exposure of Automatic Meter Reading Anticipated For Instant Billing and Power Controlling Applications
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Electrical power has turn out to be essential to human endurance and advancement. A device measuring the utilization of energy of any industrialized firm is an energy meter . Conventional meter reading by means of human operator is incompetent to assemble the

Power Meter Billing Plus Load Control Using GSM
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The project consists of a Power meter reader system with GSM (sms sender device) interface. The energy department needs to send its employees every month in order to take energy meter readings. This is an expensive as well as a time consuming system. Our