reactive power control


Reactive power production and consumption by generators allows the network operator to control voltages throughout their system. The requirements can be stated in a number of ways.

The simplest is the fixed power factor. The wind farm is required to operate at a fixed power factor when generating, often equal to 1. Often, the required accuracy and integration intervals for the verification of the power factor are not stated. And the fixed value may be changed occasionally, for example for winter and summer, or peak and no-load periods.

Alternatively, the wind farm may have to adjust its reactive power consumption or production in order to control the voltage to a set point. This is usually the voltage at the PCC, but other locations may be specified. There may be requirements on the accuracy of control and the speed of response. Fast control may be difficult to achieve, depending on the capabilities of the wind farm’s SCADA communications system.

Some wind turbine designs can fulfil these functions, even when the wind turbine is not generating. This is potentially a very useful function for network operators, but is not yet a common requirement.

FRT requirements can be met with central reactive power compensation equipment.

Three phase PWM converter/inverter by means of instantaneous active and reactive power control
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This paper proposes a novel PWM technique for the three phase PW. Y converter/inverter. The instantaneous active and reactive power are used as the PWiY control variables instead of the three phase line currents ever used. They are directly controlled by the PWM switching

Automatic reactive power control of autonomous hybrid power systems
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AUTOMATIC REACTIVE POWER CONTROL OF AUTONOMOUS HYBRID POWER SYSTEMS by RAMESH CHAND BANSAL Centre for Energy Studies Submitted in fulfillment of the requirements of the degree of Doctor of Philosophy to the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi

Concepts of reactive power control and voltage stability methods in power system network
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The intent of this paper is to present an analysis of reactive power control and voltage stability in power systems. It identifies a new model used to enhance voltage stability and exposes several key issues that had remained as research challenges in this area. The

Literature survey on fundamental issues of voltage and reactive power control
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Voltage control service is a critical ancillary service used by all system operators for secure and reliable operation of the power system. It must be continuously active. On-going researches attempt to welldefine how to measure and commercialize this ancillary service

A single phase grid connected DC/AC inverter with reactive power control for residential PV application
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Page 1. A Single Phase Grid Connected DC/AC Inverter with Reactive Power Control for Residential PV Application by Xiangdong Zong A thesis submitted in conformity with the requirements for the degree of Masters of Applied Science Graduate Department of Electrical

Neural network-based load balancing and reactive power control by Static VAR compensator
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unbalanced loads in three phase systems produce undesired negative and zero sequence currents. Negative sequence currents will cause excessive heating of electrical machines, saturation of transformers, ripple in rectifiers or even instability problems of generators. Zero

Three phase grid connected photovoltaic system with active and reactive power control using instantaneous reactive power theory
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In this paper, a photovoltaic (P/V) system, with maximum power point tracking (MPPT), connected to a three phase grid is presented. The connection of photovoltaic system on the grid takes place in one stage using voltage source inverter (VSI). For a better utilization of

Active and reactive power control of a doubly fed induction generator
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Doubly fed induction generators (DFIG) are increasingly used in grid interfaced wind energy systems to address voltage regulation and provide adequate reactive power support. This paper presents dynamic modeling and simulation of a doubly fed induction generator based

Cost-efficient integration of dispersed generation using voltage dependent reactive power control
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The increasing extent of dispersed generation in the medium and low voltage grids leads to high investments into the grid. The necessity for network upgrading, especially in wide- spread rural grids with a significant share of overhead lines, is triggered by the customers

Active reactive Power control of a doubly fed induction generator driven by a wind turbine
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Wind Energy is gaining interest now-a days as one of the most important renewable sources of energy due to its ecofriendly nature. But the major disadvantage lies in variable speed wind generation and this paper gives a study on control of Wind driven doubly fed

Reactive Power Control Using FC-TCR
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This paper will discuss and demonstrate how Static Var Compensator (SVC) has successfully been applied to control transmission systems dynamic performance for system disturbance and effectively regulate system voltage. SVC is basically a shunt connected The modern electric power systems are more expanded worldwide and include more energy resources and critical parts based on the requirements of the twenty-first century. General parts of electric power systems as generation, transmission and consumption are important

Active and reactive power control and quality management in DG-grid interfaced systems
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The main focus of this paper is to control the active power supplied by distributed generation (DG) system while compensating harmonics and reactive currents caused by the nonlinear loads using shunt active power filter (APF). The APF control is based on load currents

Hybrid Intelligent voltage and reactive power control system for Jeju power system in Korea
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The reactive power , unlike frequency, has local characteristics and it has relied on the manual operation in a local reactive power control station so far. Since coordination or integrated control was possible due to the recent advances in computers and

A vector hysteresis current control applied on three-level inverter. Application to the active and reactive power control of doubly fed induction generator based
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This paper presents a new vector hysteresis current control (VHCC), which is applied on a three-phase three-level voltage source inverter (VSI). The proposed control technique is used to control the active and reactive power of wind turbines by means of controlling the

Voltage and reactive power control simulations using neural networks
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This paper presents a simultaneous formulation for the optimal reactive power control problem using the Artificial Neural Network (ANN). The objectives are to minimize active power losses and improve the voltage profile of the given system. The voltage and reactive

Simulation and analysis for real and reactive power control with series type facts controller
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A Thyristor controlled series capacitor (TCSC) belongs to the flexible alternating current transmission systems (FACTS) family of devices. It is a variable capacitive and inductive reactance device that can be used to provide series compensation in power transmission

Modeling and control of wind power conversion system with a flywheel energy storage system and compensation of reactive power
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In this paper, a control of a variable speed wind generator (VSWG) system based on a doubly fed induction machine connected to the network associated to a flywheel energy storage system (FESS) is considered. The maximum power point tracking (MPPT) method

An evolving fuzzy neural network model based reactive power control
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In this paper, we present an Evolving FUzzy-Neural Network (EFuNN) model for intelligent reactive power control and efficient utilization of power . The proposed EFuNN model will assist the conventional power control systems with added intelligence. For on-line control

Active and reactive power flow control using FACTS devices
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Flexible alternating current transmission systems (FACTS) technology opens up new opportunities for controlling power and enhancing the usable capacity of present, as well as new and upgraded lines. The Unified Power Flow Controller (UPFC) is a second generation