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Depending on the outside temperature and the heating habits of residents, the heating requirements of rooms, apartments and entire buildings are constantly changing. Radiator thermostats and room temperature controller systems compensate for these fluctuations, keeping the temperature in every room at the level individually set by the resident.

Design of a room temperature and humidity controller using fuzzy logic
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This research paper describes the design of a room temperature and humidity controller using fuzzy logic. The proposed model consists of two fuzzy logic controllers to control temperature and humidity respectively. The first controller accepts two input values-the

Room Temperature Control System Prototype Industry Based Programmable Logic Controller Zelio SR2 B121 BD
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Prototype room temperature control system based on Programmable Logic Controller industry Zellio SR2 B121 BD works based on the room temperature rises predetermined/ programmed by programming the PLC, the increase in temperature of the room and the

Automatic Room Temperature Controlled Fan Speed Controller using PT-100
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Now-a-days technology is running with time, it completely occupied the life style of human beings. Even though there is such an importance for technology in our routine life there are even people whose life styles are very far to this well known term technology. So it is our

An Intelligent Cascaded Fuzzy Logic Based Controller for Controlling the Room Temperature in Hydronic Heating System
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Heating systems are a necessity for regions which brace extreme cold weather throughout the year. To maintain a comfortable temperature inside a given place, heating systems making use ofHydronic boilers are used. The principle of a single pipe system serves as a

Speed control of fan based on room temperature by using programable logic controller
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This paper gives the design and image of fans speed control system based on room temperature using programmable logic circuit (PLC). The design projected here is according to the smart lifestyle. The image of the system has done on a software v 8.0 and graphs

Room temperature controller with 24-hour time switch and large LCD
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RDJ100 Elements Functions 10 Indicates second switch ON/OFF time 11 Time setting position 12 First switch ON time 13 First switch OFF time 14 Second switch ON time 15 Second switch OFF time 16 Comfort temperature setting 17 Energy saving temperature

Room Temperature Control using On-Off Controller
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The objective of the project is to maintain the temperature of a room constant using on-off controller . In this project, a control logic is developed and implemented using electronics components. The room is made of aluminium sheet. The logic circuit drives the bulb and

Temperature /Humidity Control System Based on Micro Controller Unit in the Room of Bikrams Yoga
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Article Preview Article Preview Article Preview This thesis has designed a temperature /humidity remote system which takes Micro controller Unit AT89S51 as the core control unit. The system consists of Micro controller Unit, SHT75 temperature /humidity