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A smart grid is an electrical grid which includes a variety of operation and energy measures including smart meters, smart appliances, renewable energy resources, and energy efficient resources.

A survey on smart grid technologies and applications
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abstract The Smart Grid is an advanced digital two-way power flow power system capable of self-healing, adaptive, resilient and sustainable with foresight for prediction under different uncertainties. In this paper, a survey on various Smart Grid enabling technologies, Smart

Smart grid in the context of industry 4.0: an overview of communications technologies and challenges
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The recent advances in technology, the increased dependence on electrical energy and the emergence of the fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0) were all factors in the increased need for smart , efficient and reliable energy systems. This introduced the concept of the

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To perform state variables analysis for any real time system. Apply the concept of optimal control to any system. Able to examine a system for its stability, controllability and observability. Implement basic principles and techniques in designing linear control

Can Active Learning Benefit the Smart Grid A Perspective on Overcoming the Data Scarcity
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In the past decade, a plethora of efforts were given to the field of facilitating a better smart grid system by leveraging the power of artificial intelligence. Undoubtedly, machine learning is currently playing an increasingly important role in almost every aspect of power systems

Using AMI to realize the Smart Grid
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Page 1. Copyright 2008 Elster Integrated Solutions 1 Using AMI to Realize the Smart Grid David G. Hart July 2008 Page 2. Copyright 2008 Elster Integrated Solutions 2 What is AMI Page 3. Copyright 2008 Elster Integrated Solutions 3 Advanced Meter Infrastructure (AMI) Smart

Optimal and autonomous incentive-based energy consumption scheduling algorithm for smart grid
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Page 1. Optimal and Autonomous Incentive-based Energy Consumption Scheduling Algorithm for Smart Grid A.Hamed Mohsenian-Rad†‡, Vincent Wong†, Juri Jatskevich†, Robert Schober† †Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of British Columbia, Canada ‡

Smart grid security: Threats, vulnerabilities and solutions
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The traditional electrical power grid is currently evolving into the smart grid . Smart grid integrates the traditional electrical power grid with information and communication technologies (ICT). Such integration empowers the electrical utilities providers and

Literature review on smart grid cyber security
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The current US electrical power grid is an out-of-date infrastructure, and the Smart Grid is an upgrade that will add many new functionalities to meet customers new power requirements. Updating a system as complex as the electrical power grid has the potential of introducingThe 2003 blackout in the northern and eastern US and Canada which caused a $6 billion loss in economic revenue is one of many indicators that the current electrical grid is outdated. Not only must the grid become more reliable, it must also become more efficient

The cooperative internet of things enabled smart grid
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The strong coupling of Information and Communication (ICT) technologies especially via the usage of networked embedded devices with the energy domain, is leading to a sophisticated dynamic ecosystem referred to as the Internet of Energy. In the last mile of the

Security issues and challenges for the IoT-based smart grid .
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Abstract Internet of Things (IoT) is the next step evolution of our today Internet, where any physical object/thing having/equipped with computation and communication capabilities could be seamlessly integrated, at different levels, to the Internet. The Smart Grid (SG)

The smart grid and the promise of demand-side management
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Load shifting. Demand response (DR) programs transfer customer load during periods of high demand to off-peak periods and can reduce critical peak demand (the 20-50 hours of greatest demand throughout the year) or daily peak demand (the maximum demand during

Smart grid : an overview
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This paper briefly discusses evolution of Smart Grid development. Smart Grid is important as it will take us towards energy independence and environmentally sustainable economic growth. Growth of Smart Power Grid in India will slowly but surely take us towards fulfilling

Forecasting methodologies of solar resource and PV power for smart grid energy management
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Due to of the test of atmosphere and vitality emergency, sustainable power source era including sun based era has encountered noteworthy development. Progressively high infiltration level of photovoltaic (PV) era emerges in savvy matrix. Sun oriented power is

Solid-state-transformers: Key components of future traction and smart grid systems
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The efficient supply of electric power relies strongly on the selection of suitable voltage levels for different sections of the energy distribution system. When higher levels of power are required, a medium-voltage level in the tens of kilovolts range is typically selected. In

Intelligent Control Systems for Futuristic Smart Grid Initiatives in Electric Utilities
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Substation Automation Systems (SAS) provide reliable bedrock for future smart grid development in electric utilities. Implementation of high quality SAS system enables one to experience less outage rate using the state-of-the-art computerized functions of monitoring

The future-oriented grid – smart grid
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Since its emergence, smart grid has been given increasingly widespread attentions. Basically, smart grid combines a various modern technologies like network communication, information processing and distributed control to provide a more secure, reliable and

Smart grid expectations [in my view]
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T THE TERM SMART GRID IS AL-most becoming a household name. From the US president talking about the smart grid to television commercials on this topic, we have a plethora of activities around the world where engineers, policy makers, entrepreneurs, and

Implementing smart grid communications
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TECHBriefs 2008 No. 4 Burns McDonnell utility engineers to solve the problem of establishing robust data transport WANs to the distribution feeder and customer level. The proliferation of information technology utilizing Internet protocol (IP) transport over Ethernet

Smart Grid
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The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 includes $4.5 billion in funding now available for smart grid technology funds that can accelerate and expand Illinois investment in smart grid infrastructure. Illinois leadership in engaging stakeholders can ensure that the

Towards privacy protection in smart grid
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The smart grid is an electronically controlled electrical grid that connects power generation, transmission, distribution, and consumers using information communication technologies. One of the key characteristics of the smart grid is its support for bi-directional information flow

Smart grid projects outlook 2014
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Legal Notice This publication is a Science and Policy Report by the Joint Research Centre, the European Commissions in-house science service. It aims to provide evidence-based scientific support to the European policy-making process. The scientific output expressed Electricity usage at electricity rush hour (peak hour) vary from each and every service area such as industrial area, commercial area and residential area. Equalizing the power consumption in industry lead to the utilization of power in other service areas in an

Cyber-physical systems security for smart grid
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One thing that virtually all of the information hierarchy components must deal with is cyber and physical security. This webinar (and the associated white paper) focuses on identifying a comprehensive set of cyber security challenges and the need for security at multiple levels

Optimal operation by controllable loads based on smart grid topology considering insolation forecasted error
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From the perspective of global warming mitigation and depletion of energy resources, renewable energy such as wind generation (WG) and photovoltaic generation (PV) are getting attention in distribution systems. Additionally, all electric apartment houses or

Architecture design for smart grid
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1876-6102 2012 Published by Elsevier Ltd. Selection and/or peer-review under responsibility of Hainan University. doi: 10.1016/j.egypro.2012.02.276 2012 International Conference on Future Electrical Power and Energy Systems Electronics and Information Engineering College

Electric field energy harvesting powered wireless sensors for smart grid
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In this paper, a new energy harvesting technology using stray electric field of an electric power line is presented. It is found that energy can be harvested and stored in the storage capacitor that is connected to a cylindrical aluminum foil wrapped around a commercialAs the Smart grid is intelligent power grid , combining information Technology to the existing power grid . Electricity suppliers and consumers exchange real-time information to two-way and is a next-generation power grid to optimize energy efficiency. This paper suggests the

Role of information and communication technologies in the smart grid
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In the smart grid operation and management, reliable and real-time information and communication networks play a very critical role. By integrating the appropriate information and communication technologies (ICT) infrastructure, automated control, sensing and

An analysis of smart grid attacks and countermeasures
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The threat of malicious attacks against the security of the Smart Grid infrastructure cannot be overlooked. The ever-expanding nature of smart grid user base implies that a larger set of vulnerabilities are exploitable by the adversary class to launch malicious attacks. Extensive

Smart grid cyber security strategy and requirements
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The Information Technology Laboratory (ITL) at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) promotes the US economy and public welfare by providing technical leadership for the Nations measurement and standards infrastructure. ITL develops tests

Mosaik- smart grid simulation api
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Simulation is an important method to test and evaluate new control mechanisms for future Smart Grids. To generate sound simulation results one has to use validated and established simulation models. In this paper we present the first two out of six layers of our approach to a

Implementing the smart grid : Enterprise information integration
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This paper presents some of the merging Smart Grid applications and discusses information systems requirements for a broad-base implementation of the Smart Grid applications. It provides representative examples, discusses existing challenges, and presents

Communications and power distribution network co-simulation for multidisciplinary smart grid experimentations
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Multiple simulation tools have been built and studied independently in the communications and power system perspectives of IEEE P2030 to study new Smart Grid applications. However, very few studies have been done on co-simulation by combining both

Smart grid
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Massoud Amin is Chairman of the IEEE Smart Grid , an ASME fellow, and a member of two utility industry reliability groups the Texas Reliability Entity (as board chairman) and the Midwest Reliability Organization (as a board member). At the University of Minnesota he

Key smart grid applications
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The culmination of attention by utilities, regulators, and society for smart grid systems to address operational and electrical efficiencies, improving system reliability, and reducing ecological impacts, has resulted in a significant number of discussions around the

Cloud-based software platform for data-driven smart grid management
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There is a global effort to incorporate pervasive sensors, actuators and data networks into national power grids. This Smart Grid offers deep monitoring and controls, but needs advanced analytics over millions of data streams for efficient and reliable operational

Electric company smart meter deployments: foundation for a smart grid
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The energy grid is becoming increasingly digital. Electric companies are investing in smart meters, advanced communication and data management systems, digital sensing and control capabilities, and data analytics as part of a smarter energy infrastructure. 1 These This paper proposes a Stackelberg game approach to maximize the profit of the electricity retailer (utility company) and minimize the payment bills of its customers. The electricity retailer determines the retail price through the proposed smart energy pricing scheme to

Smart grid cost optimization using genetic algorithm
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Formerly, energy had been inexpensive and management of energy was efficient and was limited to elementary considerations. In the current scenario, due to a rapid increase in demand, complexity of the electrical network, probability of contingency and electricity cost Editors Daphne Mah Department of Geography Hong Kong Baptist University Hong Kong Peoples Republic of China Peter Hills The Kadoorie Institute The University of Hong Kong Hong Kong Peoples Republic of China Victor OK Li Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Smart grid communications: Qos stovepipes or qos interoperability
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Interoperability is a key requirement for data communications in the smart grid . It has been articulated at great length by the GridWise Architecture Council (GWAC). However, the interoperability issues identified here to date include only interoperability of the data

Energy consumption scheduler for demand response systems in the smart grid
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This paper presents a design and evaluates the performance of a power consumption scheduler in smart grid homes or buildings, aiming at reducing the peak load in them as well as in the system-wide power transmission network. Following the task model consist of

IEC 61850 based OPC UA communication-The future of smart grid automation
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Within this contribution, we outline the use of the new automation standards family OPC Unified Architecture (IEC 62541) in scope with the IEC 61850 field automation standard. The IEC 61850 provides both an abstract data model and an abstract communication interface


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