Efficient Sensor Node Authentication via 3GPP Mobile Communication Networks

Energy eciency is one of important issues in the resource contrained wireless sensor network. In this paper, we pro- pose the authentication and key agreement protocol that eciently reduces the overall computational and communi- cation costs in the next generation converged network. The enhanced security procedures are operated through the mo- bile network in order to maximize the lifetime of the sensor networks and to apply the combined capabilities of both networks.

As a de facto standard for the wireless sensor networks (WSNs), Zigbee [3] speci es the security functions that the key agreement architecture is operated by using keys that are pre-distributed. However, it is hard to assume the pre- distribution of keys in large scale network. Thus, many ac- tive researches such as are continued in order to pro- vide ecient authentication and key distribution in WSNs. Ibriq and Mahgoub [5] proposed an efficient hierarchical key establishment model with `partial key escrow table’. Us- ing the key escrow table, a sink can self-generate the shared key for the attached nodes: An intermediate sink has a par- tial key escrow table that stores the partial information of nodes. After the requests from nodes are received, the sink request the authentication ticket to the base station. After receiving the ticket, the sink authenticates and shares keys with nodes. Therefore, our motivation is to bring the more benefits from the consolidation of WSNs and 3G mobile network (3G- WSN) based on the standard architecture. We propose an ecient and secure authentication and key exchange pro- tocol between sensor nodes and the smartphone with sen- sors. Since the ecient resource management is one of the most important requirements in WSNs, our approach con- centrates on how to minimize the energy consumption and inefficient message transmission. Figure 1 shows our proposed model that the sensor at- tached smart phone communicates to the authentication server via mobile network, and directly communicates to the sen- sor. In the architecture, the sensor network can be a kind of third party application in the mobile network applying the generic authentication architecture (GAA

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