efficiency of inverter in electrical engineering

 Status and relevance of the dc voltage dependency of the inverter efficiency
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FP Baumgartner, H Schmidt, B Burger ,22nd European , 2007 ,pv-test.ch
ABSTRACT: The efficiency characteristics and the European Efficiency of a grid connected
inverter is dependent on the hardware topology and changes also significantly with varying
input (DC) voltage. Therefore the energy yield of a PV-system based on an inverter with 

 Euro Realo inverter efficiency: DC-voltage dependency
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FP Baumgartner ,20th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference, 2005 ,ntb.ch
ABSTRACT: The PV inverters efficiency ranking is commonly based on the EURO efficiency.
The today’s EURO efficiency calculation takes into account only the variation of efficiency as
a function of power. State of the art inverters additionally exhibit an up to 3% efficiency 

 98.5% inverter efficiency with SiC-MOSFETs
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B Burger, B Goeldi, D Kranzer, H Schmidt ,2008-09-01)[2010-07-02]. http:// ,semisouth.com
Source: Dr. Oscar Apeldoorn, ABB Switzerland: Medium Voltage Drives from Kilowatt to
Megawatt, PCIM CHINA 2008, Shanghai, China, 18.-20. 03. 2008  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 
Sources: Sima Dimitrijev, Philippe Jamet: Advances in SiC power MOSFET technology; 

 High efficiency low cost inverter system for fuel cell application
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G Wang, P Pant, H Mohammad, P Famouri ,Special Session on , 2003 ,
Abstract—This paper presents a new high-efficiency, low cost inverter system suitable for
fuel cell applications. The proposed inverter provides a solution for the lowvoltage/high-
current fuel cell source by using power modules that are parallel connected input and 

 Efficiency optimized, EMI-reduced solar inverter power stage
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KH Edelmoser, FA Himmelstoss , and Computers in , 2008
Abstract:-In the field of electrical solar power conversion efficiency is the most important
topic. In most applications a special DC-to-DC converter is necessary to couple the solar
cells, operating at low DC-voltages, to the inverter’s DC-link. These converters with rather 

 Effects of core materials on efficiency of inverter drive motor
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A Honda, K Sato, I Ohyama ,KAWASAKI STEEL TECHNICAL , 1998 ,jfe-steel.co.jp
The total performance of inverter power supplies has improved dramatically as a result of the
development of control methods, higher performance in semiconductors, and higher speed,
higher integration, and less expensive integrated circuits. This has made it possible to use 

 Inverter Drive Solutions Enhancing Plant Facilities’ Energy Efficiency
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H Matsumoto, T Yabutani, A Sugiura, K Shimada ,Hitachi Review, 2008
COUNTERMEASURES against global warming have become an urgent issue worldwide.
CO2 emission reduction targets have been set for each industrial field and it is essential that
we achieve those targets. Electrical machinery such as electrical motors within plant 

 A high-efficiency Class E inverter–computer model, laboratory measurements and SPICE simulation
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Z Kaczmarczyk ,TECHNICAL SCIENCES, 2007 ,fluid.ippt.gov.pl
Abstract. The paper presents the theoretical background, computer model, laboratory
measurements and SPICE simulation results of a 323 W, 1 MHz Class E inverter operating
with an efficiency of 97%. The inverter is built around a CoolMOS transistor from Infineon 

 High efficiency DC-to-AC power inverter.
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KH Edelmoser ,WSEAS Transactions on Circuits and Systems, 2004
Abstract: In case of medium voltage (several tenth up to hundred volts on DC-side) solar
inverter applications a DC-to-DC converter for voltage level adaptation is required in front of
the DC-to-AC inverter. This leads to a two-stage concept with accumulation of the losses. 

 Evaluation of Efficiency of Active Clamp Dual Flyback Inverter for Photovoltaic Systems using Simulation Method
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R Šul, B Dobrucky, P Cernan ,Electronics and Electrical Engineering. , 2010 ,internet.ktu.lt
Dual flyback inverter (DFBI) is one of the preferred topologies for isolated low cost low power
photovoltaic (PV) applications. It converts PV cells DC voltage to output AC voltage using
single power stage. It is important to understand loss distribution of DFBI be able to reach 

 High-efficiency ballast for HID lamp using soft-switching multi-level inverter
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B Lee, H Kim ,Journal of Electrical Engineering, 2007 ,apeclab.hanyang.ac.kr
Abstract-Soft switching was applied to the multi-level inverter to enhance the performance of
the high-intensity discharge (HID) ballast used in vehicle headlights. The electrical
properties were investigated and the available modeling of ballast in steady state was 

 Energy Efficiency Invariance Laws Acting in the Field of Multiphase Inverter-Fed AC Linear Motors
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AV Brazhnikov, IR Belozyorov, SA Molokitin ,Proc. of 21st International , 2011
ABSTRACT: The study of AC inverter liner and non-linear drives in the case when the
number of their phases is more then four allows finding out some basic laws of these
systems which does not manifest themselves when the phase number is equal to three or 

 A Low Cost High Efficiency Inverter for Photovoltaic Applications
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Abstract Recent changes within the electricity industry, such as the 2% new renewable
energy targets and green energy marketing schemes will see significant growth in the
number of solar generating systems connected to the grid. The power electronics 

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S VIEILLARD, S Hispano-Suiza ,icas.org
Abstract Silicone carbide (SiC) components are now becoming commonly known from
electrical power designers, but what is the real interest of a such technology for airframer? In
this paper we discuss and argue the potential benefit for aeronautical application to use or 

Efficiency determination of inverter-fed induction motor for low power applications
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P Orság, S Kocman, J Unger ,New Electrical and Electronic Technologies ,
More and more public attention is now being focused on reducing energy consumption. New
energy efficiency legislation has been drawn up in the EU in recent years to protect our
environment with an impact on the design of new induction motors as well. It established 

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M Puiu-Berizintu, D Rotar ,X Simpozijum Energetska elektronika Ee ,dee.uns.ac.rs
Abstract: This paper describes a method of control of the induction motor slip that is powered
by a PWM inverter, which is widely used system at present for the adjustment of speed in the
electric driving systems. It describes how-by the choosing the best motor slip-to reduce the 

 Design of Transformer and Inverter Circuits For a High Efficiency Neon Lamp
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JY Byun, YH Kim
Abstract The conventional neon transformer systems are very bulky and heavy because they
consist of leakage type transformers made of silicon steel plates. In addition, it has problems
in noise by neon transformer and in possibilities of fire and electrical shock when neon 

 Isolated High-Efficiency Grid-Connected De-Central Inverter for Photovoltaic Modules
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BJD Vermulst ,2012 ,alexandria.tue.nl
Abstract—While an increasing number of photovoltaic (PV) systems is installed, those
systems typically use central inverters. In practical cases, output-power differences between
PV modules will cause these central-inverter-based systems not to achieve Maximum 

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Abstract-This paper presents a single phase 3 kVA, low frequency operation, high efficiency
and high power factor on-line Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) with 220 Vac input output
voltage. The UPS input is composed by an active Power Factor Correction (PFC) boost 

 High Efficiency Sequential Switching HPWM Inverter based UPS
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Abstract:- This paper presents ‘Sequential Switching Hybrid Pulse Width Modulation
(SSHPWM) Inverter based UPS’, which describes a new methodology in the inverter control.
In SSHPWM the power switches of a full bridge inverter has to be pulse width modulated 

 Efficiency Optimized Control of Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Integrating PWM Rectifier/Inverter Systems
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MA Mannan, T Murata, J Tamura, T Tsuchiya
Abstract–This paper presents an efficiency optimized control of interior permanent magnet
synchronous motor (IPMSM) integrating rectifier/inverter systems. The rectifier source current
components are regulated based on vector control (VC) strategy to achieve the desired 

 Research on High Energy-Efficiency and Fast Dynamic Response Technologies for Grid-Connected Inverter ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
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,2010 ,lbms03.cityu.edu.hk
ABSTRACT In today’s environmentally conscious world, there is an urgent need to find ways
to improve existing electric power system and explore new sustainable eco-energy
technology. One of the emerging trends in the electricity industry is a shift from large 

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N GRASS ,epscointernational.com
ABSTRACT By increasing the precipitator efficiency the stack emissions and operating costs
can be reduced. During the operation of a precipitator different load and dust conditions
need to be handled. In many applications fuel needs to be switched to lower sulfur 

 A Study on High Efficiency DC-AC Inverter for Residential Solar Cell System
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DK Kwak, CS Kim, JS Shim
Abstract–With today’s global environmental and energy problems, high expectations exist for
solar power generation to reduce carbon dioxide generated by the consumption of fossil
fuels. On the other hand, power consumption in residential homes is increasing every year 

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B RIBOV, Y RIBOV ,2009 ,hvac.bjr-labs.com
Abstract. This work evaluated how energy is utilized by residential air conditioner inverter
wall system. The investigated model was ASY-A12LCC, developed by Fujitsu-General. We
made calculations for the thermal losses of the room, where we placed the investigated air 

 High-Efficiency GaN-based Monolithic Inverter ICs
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Y Uemoto, T Morita, H Umeda, T Tanaka, D Ueda ,
Abstract A high-efficiency inverter system has been strongly desired for driving motors in a
variety of applications including appliances and industrial uses for the prevention of global
warming. The GaN-based power devices are highly expected to realize higher efficiency